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Comparing the Miller Multimatic 215 and the ESAB Rebel Welders

Comparing the Miller Multimatic 215 and the ESAB Rebel Welders

It’s tough to beat the versatility and portability of the latest multiprocess welders from Miller Electric and ESAB. The latest video review of the new Miller Multimatic 215 should give you a nice overview of just how much these top machines can handle. Even better, you have your pick of these latest multiprocess welding machines: the ESAB Rebel and the Miller Multimatic 215.

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Which machine should you choose for your home welding shop or welding business? Here’s a comparison of a few features to help you decide.

What Is Similar for the Multimatic 215 and Rebel

Right off the bat, these two machines offer the flexibility to weld with high or low power options. You can easily swap out 120V or 230V power depending on the project. Both also make it a snap to switch between stick, TIG, or MIG, offering a flux core option as well.

Both machines offer similar power, welding capabilities, and ease of use, making it possible to jump right into welding projects as soon as you take the machine out of the box. You’ll find torches and welding supplies in each box so that your additional purchases are minimal if you need a basic welding set up.

Both machines come with a similar Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. However, their prices and deals do change regularly. It's best check the product pages to see what promotions or discounts are currently offered before purchasing. 

What Sets the ESAB Rebel Apart

While the Miller Multimatic has a list of special features, the Rebel combines some of its best offerings in its “smart MIG” (sMIG) feature. As you weld, the Rebel will take note of your particular techniques and tendencies in order to help you maintain a more stable arc and to eliminate potential mistakes. While the Multimatic offers several features that make it easier to start welding, the Rebel focuses on progressively making each welder more effective and efficient over the long term.

The Rebel comes with a durable five handle roll cage and a unibody steel design that makes this portable unit incredibly durable. Combine that with ESAB’s 3-year warranty, and you have a lot of security for your machine.

For welders who need to regularly adjust their settings or who need a little help seeing a welder’s display in a dim shop, the Rebel’s 4.3” color display screen has been overhauled to provide increased pixel density and clarity.

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What Sets the Miller Multimatic 215 Apart

The light, 38-pound Multimatic 215 can solve every problem that could come up in a welding shop. Need less noise and more energy efficiency? The fan-on-demand only kicks in when you need it. Worried about burning out your machine? Thermal overload protection keeps you and your machine safe.

Whether you’re just starting out with welding or you consider yourself an old timer, the Multimatic makes it easy to jump into welding projects. It features smooth feeding angled wire drive and smooth-start feature for MIG welding projects. When hooking up a spool gun for aluminum, the auto spool gun detect clicks right in so that you can keep working.

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