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The All New Lincoln Electric Power MIG 215 MPi is Here!

Lincoln 215

Lincoln's Newest Machine

Lincoln Electric has just released the all new POWER MIG 215 MPi. The 215 MPi is the next generation of Lincoln Electric welders. Lincoln created three different packages for this machine, so it is capable of it all. Keep reading below to learn the details of these new machines and the packages that are available.

PM 215 banner

The POWER MIG 215 is capable of MIG, Flux-Cored, DC Stick, and DC TIG. There are three packages available for the 215 MPi.

The first (K4876-1) is the base package of this machine. This comes with everything you would need to MIG/STICK right out of the box. The second package is the Aluminum One-Pak (K4877-1). This package includes a Magnum PRO 100SG Spool Gun so you will be able to MIG aluminum. The third package is the TIG One-Pak (K4878-1). This comes with a TIG torch and everything that you need with it to get started. This package comes with everything for the torch and the foot amptrol so you have better control of your TIG weld.

What is New?

As far as features go, Lincoln Electric brought a lot to the table with this new machine. The POWER MIG 215 keeps some of the popular features from older machines like being multi process capable, dual voltage, and the Ready.Set.Weld technology. As for new features, there are a few that need to be mentioned.

Rugged and Functional

Only 46lbs with a new roll cage design. Visually, immediately you will notice a more durable and modern look on the Power MIG 215. It is only slightly larger and packed with even more technology and features than the previous version (Power MIG 210.) Not just 5 more amps of power, its fully loaded and designed to bring your at home multiprocess welding to the next level. Not to mention the full color LED screen!

PM210 screen

ArcFX® Technology - Provides instant visual feedback on how settings affect the weld outcome. This feature is found on the POWER MIG 260 so it has been tested and proven already.ArcFX technologyMemory Capability - Easily recall saved settings to get welding faster. Take a look at this Bakers video below at the bottom of this post explaining the memory capability function on the POWER MIG 215.

Robust and Reliable Wire Drive – Ensures proper and consistent feeding for optimal welding experience. The POWER MIG 215 MPi has a newly designed wire drive, delivering reliable and consistent results.

Built in TIG Solenoid and Foot Pedal Adapter The POWER MIG 215 MPi welder is designed to accept a TIG torch, no install required. If you wanted to have more control over your gas there is an optional foot amptrol (K870).

Those were some of the major features that the new POWER MIG 215 MPi has. All of the great old technology as well as some of their newest and proven technology, packed into a similar form factor and weight. This machine is only a few inches bigger and a few pounds heavier than the POWER MIG 210. Lincoln makes up for this by having a new ergonomic case with many lift points.

POWER MIG 215 MPi Applications

The POWER MIG 215 is a machine that is best suited for a small fabrication shop, a hobbyist welder, or repair personnel. It falls into the same category as the previous version the POWER MIG 210.

Its made for at home but has advanced options that you will not find on most entry level machines. 

Advanced Option on the 215

How can I get one?

Lincoln Electric launched this machine today. Baker's Gas is ready to help answer any questions and we do have them in stock ready to ship at the time of writing this post! We stock most of the Lincoln Electric machines and accessories in our warehouse for quick and free shipping anywhere in the US. 

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 (K4876-1) POWER MIG 215 MPi (Basic MIG/STICK Package)


(K4877-1) POWER MIG 215 Aluminum One-Pak


(K4878-1) POWER MIG 215 TIG One-Pak



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