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Choosing the Right Victor Cutting Kit

Choosing the Right Victor Cutting Kit

The Victor cutting torch series has a wide range of cutting outfit options that are ideal for metal workers and welders at both the professional and hobby levels. Each model, ranging from the professional grade Journeyman series to the personal Performer series, offers specific capabilities and sturdy accessories that are backed by the best warranties in the business. 

Victor’s cutting torch outfits are the best selling torch brand at Baker’s Gas and Welding. When you consider all of the features, options, and warranties available, you’ll quickly see why Victor is a best seller. You can view our comparison video below and then check out our guide to choosing the right cutting torch kit for your workshop.

The Victor Journeyman Cutting Torch Series

The Journeyman series was designed according to the needs of professional metal workers. The Victor Journeyman cutting torch has the added bonus of heating and brazing attachments, while the Journeyman II doesn’t offer that versatility. 

Both the Journeyman and the Journeyman II are ideal torches for cutting and welding, slicing up to 8 inches of metal and welding up to 3 inches of metal if you use the optional nozzles in the set. The torch in the Journeyman kit comes with an industry leading ten-year warranty. 

If you’re using propane gas for your setup, the Victor Journeyman II offers a propane option, while both torch kits use acetylene gas for cutting. Most importantly, be sure to choose carefully between the 540/510 torch kit option and the 510/300 option (which is less common) depending on your gas supply. While you can also pick up an inexpensive adapter if your gas supply options change, there are two acetylene options to choose between before making a purchase. If you’re not sure, you can always ask the online customer support staff at Baker’s. 

Both torch kits also include the highly durable Edge 2.0 oxygen and acetylene/propane regulators. The Edge series offers a nob that is easier to adjust, displays that are more intuitive, and a single point of contact that is far more rugged and safe than previous models.

The Victor Contender Cutting Kit

The Victor Contender cutting outfit is the ideal option for heavy duty welding and metalworking projects in a professional or hobby setting. Like the Journeyman, the Contender offers the option of heating and brazing as well as cutting ¾ inch material on its own or up to 8 inches with accessories. The Contender torch kit also welds up to ⅛ inch material on its own and up to 3 inches with accessories. 

Take note that you pick up the right acetylene kit for your gas supply, as it comes in both 540/510 and 540/300 options. You’ll also find a propane torch kit as well on the Baker’s page if you prefer to not use acetylene. 

Like the Journeyman, the Contender has flashback arrestors and uses the in-demand Edge 2.0 regulators for improved safety and accuracy. However, the Contender cutting kit costs a little less than the Journeyman because it goes a little lighter on accessories (click to “Included” tab to see what you get in this series) and offers a 5-year warranty rather than a ten-year warranty.

The Victor Performer Cutting Kit

If you’re looking for a medium duty cutting torch kit for a shop or a hobby metal working shop, the Performer series is less money, costing around $275 depending on the promotions at Baker’s Gas and Welding, while still cutting through most metals. With attachments it can slice through metal up to 6 inches and it can weld up to a ¼” thick metal. 

Like the Journeyman series, the Performer series offers a torch with a 10 year warranty. The full kit also includes attachments for brazing and heating in addition to cutting. As with the Journeyman series, take note of which attachment type for acetylene you choose, as the 540/510 is most common.

The Victor Medalist 350 Cutting Kit

The Medalist offers a high-powered cutting torch for heavy duty industrial environments, but it costs less since it doesn’t include heating or brazing attachments, it doesn’t block flashbacks, and its regulators aren’t the updated Edge 2.0 series. 

You will still get a heavy duty, fully capable torch kit that provides good value for the money, but it will be limited in what it can do and in the accessories it offers. However, you still get a rugged torch with a sturdy handle and a seven-year warranty. 

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