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The All New ESAB Sentinel A60 - Unlock Peak Performance

The All New ESAB Sentinel A60 - Unlock Peak Performance

ESAB has just released their latest and most advanced welding helmet to the market. The Sentinel A60. The new A60 is the succesor to the Sentinel A50, improving in almost all aspects of the already great helmet. Keep reading below to learn more about the updates that have been made to the Sentinel helmet line.

Optical Clarity & Viewing Area

 ESAB's main priority when creating the Sentinel A60 was to improve clarity and visibility. They delivered that by improving the optics of this helmet across the board. Listed below are all of the improvements ESAB has made with the optics.

Optic Improvements

  • 40% larger viewing area for greater peripheral vision

  • Reengineered ADF (auto darkening filter) delivers a perfect 1/1/1/1 EN optical clarity at every angle

  • Ultra-clear, true-color lens that reduces eye fatigue and helps identify changes and impurities in the arc

  • 3/5–13 shade range adjustable in half-value digital increments to fine-tune your view

  • Four hyper-acting arc-detection sensors for automatic light recognition in any work environment

New ADF Control Interface

Sentinel A60 ADF Controls

In addition to improving the ADF technology, they also improved the controls, making it easier to use in all applications. The improvements are listed below.

Interface Improvements

  • Bright, dual-color LED display for easy viewing in low-light conditions

  • New graphical meter for sensitivity and delay settings

  • Carefully spaced push buttons that work easily with gloves

  • Up to nine programmable ADF memory settings to quickly save and access welding profiles

Ease of Use & Comfort

The Sentinel A60 has features that everyone wants in a welding helmet. These features make the helmet more user friendly in all applications. The new features are listed below.

  • External grind mode button for easy activation

  • New shade-lock feature to override ADF and keep hood in darkest state

  • Replaceable ADF battery with solar backup

  • Internal warning lights for grind mode, low battery, and ADF shade-lock

The Sentinel A60 also has an outer lens that is very easy to change. Just push the two pressure points on the front lens and it will release. Installation is just as easy as taking it off!

Sentinel A60 Easy Removal lenses

The Sentinel A60 has also made some improvements in the overall comfort and feel of the helmet. Take a look below.

Comfort Improvements

  • Infinitely adjustable HALO headgear that balances weight across the shape of your head

  • Rounded, low-profile shell for better clearance in tight areas

  • Large outer protective lens offered in high-contrast clear and amber tints

*Since it has a larger viewing area / updated ADF the consumables are new and different than the previous version!
A60 application


Overall the ESAB Sentinel A60 is a huge improvement on an already great helmet. You would think that the A60 would be much more expensive than the A50, but it is just $49 more than the A50. That puts this helmet right in the same price range as some of the competitors with similar features. 

Take a look at the Sentinel A60 here. Or check out more ESAB welding helmet offerings here.


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