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Comparing Smith and Victor Torch Kits

Comparing Smith and Victor Torch Kits

Whether you choose a Victor or Smith Cutting outfit may sometimes depend on which is readily available at your local welding supply shop. But if you could find both outfits online at a highly discounted price, the choice becomes a little more complicated. Maybe you will still choose the outfit that has the most local repair options (because you never know what will come up!). Evaluating the pros and cons of each torch cutting set up may sway you to choose one over another.

Are Victor and Smith Torches Made in the USA?

In the case of Smith cutting torches, which are made by Miller Electric, you can rest assured that your torch is going to be made in the USA. Welders who have tried out Smith’s torches tend to be very impressed with their construction and performance over time.

There are rumors that Victor has been sending its torch manufacturing overseas. As of this writing there appear to be a limited number of Victor products made overseas. If you read enough welding forums to find out what lifelong metal workers think, there are no complaints about the quality of most torches, which appear to be made in the USA, but some of the budget options may be manufactured overseas. If you have any concerns, ask your supplier, as the manufacturing details of products may change over time.

In many circles, Victor remains a long time favorite. Those who try out a Smith outfit don’t think they’re giving up much, if anything, in making the change.

Are There Technical Differences Between Smith and Victor?

While torch specs are always changing slightly with each new model, metal workers love the cut lever on Smith torches. This sensitive cut lever makes it easier to get started with a clean cut.

Of course, if you first learned on a Victor torch, there are details about a Smith torch that may be tough to adjust to. For instance, the oxygen adjustment on a Smith torch is under the torch handle, which some metal workers and welders find annoying.

Other metal workers and welders mention that they prefer Victor torch outfits for making big cuts. They appear to be a little more sturdy in those applications. However, for welding work, Smith torches are more user-friendly and evenly distribute the heat without getting too hot.

Are Victor Torches Built Better Than Smith Torches?

Victor’s torches have one of the best reputations in the business. One of the first things that metal workers bring up about their Victor torches is the sturdy brass construction. Victor’s torches are durable and the the brass components won’t wear down. Repairs of a Victor torch are often an option, and if you have any problems, their support has an excellent reputation. Victor’s kits come with a five year warranty as well.

The regulators in a Victor torch cutting kit are also made of durable brass parts. They are designed to resist high impact collisions, and come in easy to read color codes.

While many welders and metal workers are attached to their Victor torches, Smith has won over plenty of customers. The torches have in-tip gas mixing technology that extends the life of the torch. They are also backed by a lifetime warranty. If Smith torches aren’t durable and long lasting, then Smith won’t be in business much longer!

Many welders are willing to pay for that lifetime warranty even if Smith doesn’t have the same history as Victor. The regulators in a Smith torch cutting kit also come with a three year limited warranty.

Get Victor and Smith Torch Kits on Sale

A Victor torch cutting kit is on sale at Baker’s Gas and Welding for a very competitive price as of this writing that may sway some customers to choose it based on price alone. However, the value of a Smith kit with its lifetime warranty may prompt some spend a little extra for the guarantee. Whichever you choose, you’ll always find the most competitive prices at Baker’s Gas and Welding.


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