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The Rule-Defying MiniArc Rogue ES 180i

ESAB Miniarc Rogue
ESAB knows all about putting big power into small packages. The new Miniarc Rogue ES 180i is no exception. Stick and TIG weld up to 1/2" material, 180 amps of power and less than 20lbs. In the video below, Andrew goes over the specs, what is included, and welds with both 7018 and 6010.
With the ESAB MiniArc Rogue ES 180i you will get performance, power, and portability at a price point that won't break the bank. Smooth DC welding power gives you the versatility to weld a variety of metals. 


This machine changes the game and expectations for an entry-level stick machine. You can expect professional level arc stability with the ability to weld a variety of stick electrodes in all welding positions. Getting up to a 25% duty cycle at 180 amps allows this machine to take on jobs that have thicker materials.

This machine includes a dual voltage plug/adapter that gives you flexibility depending on what power is available. PFC ensures that this machine is resistant to power fluctuations even when working off a long extension cord up to 300 feet. To run this machine off a generator, we recommend at least 7 kW. 

The MiniArc Rogue is easy to set up and adjust with the digital readout and toggle buttons. The unit features a practical design with durable materials. The physical size is light enough to throw over your shoulder and take out to your welding job. Compared to other Stick machines the arc characteristics of this one really stood out to us. The fact that it has such a stable arc while welding 6010 makes it really attractive compared to other units around this price-point. In our demo video we weld both 6010 and 7018 electrodes.

Overall we are very impressed with this machine. ESAB has a strong package with this unit that outperforms all other entry-level Stick machines on the market. 

Rogue is Robust 

Similar to the other ESAB machines this machine is built to go anywhere and weld anything. IP23S rated which means it is rated to handle spraying water and designed to handle more impact than the average welder. If you are worried about putting this machine through abuse or the inclement weather, no worries! It is built to handle impact and outdoor elements. No matter where you take this welder on the job site, or in the back of the truck you do not have to worry about the durability. 


The Miniarc Rogue ES 180i can be used with electrodes up to 5/32 in. Will run 6010 and 7018 flawlessly. In the video we used Lincoln Excalibur and 5P+. We would recommend checking out the VacPac which comes in a 4 lb hermetically sealed package (no need to re-bake the electrodes).

The Arc start is nice and the arc is really crisp. The machine package includes a heavy duty ground clamp and Tweco stinger. Adjustable hot start makes starting tough electrodes easier. The adjustable arc force keep the Stick electrode from sticking to the material and makes for a quality weld every time. 

Lift TIG Start

This little machine is even capable of DC TIG welding with "Lift TIG" start also known as scratch start. You do have to add the TIG torch separately.  It has adjustable Arc Force and Hot Start. You just hold the process selection button down for 3 seconds and adjust your hidden settings. 

The TIG torch package for this unit has a built-in gas valve and regulator. All you will need is gas and you are ready to go! It will weld mild steel or stainless with or without filler metal.  Check out the TIG demo video below.


This powerful Stick welder is backed by ESAB’s 100% 100 day guarantee and 3 year warranty. If your looking for a portable, powerful, and durable Stick welder look no further. It is under $600 and compared to other machines in this price range you are getting a lot more machine and capability. A Harbor Freight $300 Stick welder will not have the warranty, quality or longevity as this unit.

Ready to Go Rogue?

The Rogue is next level and changing the game in this category. You will not find another machine with the quality, power, and performance in this price range. 

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