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Best Welding Helmets in 2024

Different Welding Helmets

Every welder needs a helmet and it can be difficult figuring out the right one for you. As technology gets better, so do welding helmets. There have been many improvements over the years in comfort, visibility, and overall performance of helmets. In this post, we will go over five of our best selling welding helmets in 2024 so far to help you decide the best choice for you!

#1 - Lincoln Viking 3350 Series

 The Viking 3350 has become a staple of welding helmets in the industry and vastly improves upon its' predecessors of the Viking helmets. The 4C technology lens comes in at a perfect 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating, giving you the best view of your welds with less green tint and much more clarity of detail. On top of that, it has an extra large viewing area with a 12.5 square inch auto darkening lens to provide the best view of your welds as well as four arc sensors while weighing only 1.4 pounds. This helmet introduces an external grind button that allows you to easily switch between weld and grind mode without the need to remove your gloves or take off the helmet! The Viking 3350 also has improved X-6 headgear for better weight distribution, reduced pressure, and all-day comfort. 

Not only does the Viking 3350 have all these great improvements, but it now has the best warranty on the market, recently increasing the warranty period from the industry common 3 years to an impressive 5 year warranty! Lincoln stands behind this helmet and so should you!


#2 - Miller Classic Series

Get the best bang for your buck with one of the most efficient economical options for welding helmets in the industry with the Miller Classic Series welding helmet. This helmet won't have to charge with the Miller batter/solar-assist lens technology and is both lightweight and comfortable which is ideal for light-duty applications. At more than half of the price of the other helmets on this list, it still has a near perfect 1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating. Viewing area is smaller than some of the other helmets on the list at 5.15 square inches but still with 2 sensors and a super light weight of around 16 ounces! For such a low price this helmet comes with a lot of high-end features such as digital control, manual on/auto-off, and adjustable sensitivity. On top of that, Miller has you covered with their three year True Blue Warranty!


#3 - ESAB Sentinel

The ESAB Sentinel is a high tech option that has been a popular option for welders in 2024, with the most recent iteration being the Sentinel A60 helmet. This helmet has a high-performance auto-darkening filter coming in at a 1/1/1/1 optical class rating, clear true-color view, and fully adjustable shades 5-13. Always stay ready for any job with the 9 memory functions feature where you can easily program the Sentinel A60 for multiple welding processes with the ability to switch from one setting to the next. Viewing area comes in at 9.27 inches and the spherical design of the front cover lens allows more natural light get in to increase visibility and clarity. ESAB is confident you will love this helmet and backs it up with a 100-day 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a 3 year warranty.


#4 - Miller Digital Performance Series

Next on the list is another Miller helmet, the Digital Performance Series. True to its' name this helmet is loaded with a variety of useful performance enhancing features and lens technology. The ClearLight 2.0 Lens Technology has a 1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating while this helmet provides a balance between lightweight, comfortability, and viewing space. The Digital Performance helmet gives you a nice 7.22 square-inch viewing area with widescreen format while only weighing 17 ounces. Performance enhancing features include auto-on/off lens technology, 3.0 light state for brighter view, auto-sense technology, three arc sensors, digital controls, as well as three operating modes of weld, cut, and grind. Miller is providing a longer than most warranty with this helmet with a 4 year True Blue helmet warranty, the second longest warranty on this list to make sure you can keep performing on the job with this helmet.


#5 - Optrel Panoramaxx

Last but certainly not least on this list is the Optrel Panoramaxx helmet with Crystal Lens Technology. Optrel is known for top of the line quality, and the Panoramaxx w/ CLT definitely lives up to that hype and has become one of the top choices of welders in 2024. The Crystal Lens Technology is state of the art, providing a practically unclouded and clear view of the work environment with near perfect color spectrum. The Panoramaxx w/ CLT has a unique FIVE sensors to bring you an autopilot function that measures the brightness of the welding arc and automatically adjusts to the correct shade level for you effortlessly. This helmets combines the Crystal Lens Technology with a panorama view providing you an up close and clear view of any weld. These two features combined along with its' superior comfort has made this one of the top choices of welding helmets out there.

Review Video

You can't go wrong with any of the helmet options above, but hopefully after reading through this post and watching the review video you can better compare and contrast which one is going to suit your needs and be the perfect fit for the job in 2024 and well beyond! If you have any questions about any of these helmets above you can shoot us an email at or give us a call at 877-930-5690

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