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New Miller Multimatic 235 Overview

New Miller Multimatic 235 Overview

The Miller Multimatic family is growing. The newest addition is the Multimatic 235. How does it compare to the rest of the Multiprocess units on the market? This post we are going to go over in detail what sets the 235 apart and why someone would select this unit over some of the others. The Multimatic 235, offers MIG, DC stick DC TIG and pulsed TIG capability in one portable unit! In the video below we show what is included, go over specifications, and give our overall opinion on the unit.

Why the 235? 

If you are looking to purchase a Multiprocess machine the first questions we like to ask are: type of material and thickness, power available, and budget.

This machine does have a higher duty cycle than say the Multimatic 215 or 220 but it can only be used with 220 power. If you need 110 power some or most of the time check out the Multimatic 215 or 220 which offer dual voltage. 

The Multimatic 235 is rated for 3/8 material MIG and Stick and 1/4 for TIG with a 60% duty cycle. The duty cycle does set this apart from the rest. Below is a summary of some of the units that customers like to compare this unit to. 

Quick Specs

Multimatic 235 

  • 84lbs
  • 60% Duty Cycle
  • Rated for 3/8 MIG Steel
  • 220 Power ONLY

Multimatic 220

  • 56lbs
  • 40% Duty Cycle
  • Rated for 3/8 MIG Steel
  • 110/220 Power¬†

*ONLY AC TIG Multiprocess Unit (Allows you to TIG weld aluminum) 

Multimatic 215

  • 38lbs
  • 20% Duty Cycle
  • Rated for 3/8 MIG Steel
  • 110/220 Power¬†

As summarized above the duty cycle, weight and power are the big differences. The 220 is the only TRUE multiprocess unit with the AC TIG capability. Big question is really if you have aluminum TIG projects and if so consider the 220. 

The price point of the machine is right around $2,199 at the time of this post. Significantly less than the Multimatic 220 and just a jump up from the Multimatic 215. The value is really in the higher duty cycle, simplicity and versatility. 

MIG Weld Aluminum 

Speaking of aluminum if you want to MIG weld with a spool gun the Multimatic 235 direct connects to a variety of spool guns. Simply plug in the gun accessory of your choice and the machines Auto-Gun Detect will automatically adjust voltage and wire speed for that particular gun. Some of the most popular options include the Spoolmate 150, Spoolmatic 15A, and Spoolmate 200.

Using a spool gun on the 235 is a reliable option for projects other than steel such as aluminum projects. Set up is simple and it is a quick way to add versatility to your welder. 


The Multimatic 235 is super easy to use. The large user interface and screen prompts you every step of the way. All of the standard features such as Auto-Set come standard on the 235. If you are not familiar Auto-Set is Miller Electrics suggested parameters based on your entering of the material, thickness, and gas. 

Multimatic 235 interface

The Multimatic 235 allows a welder at any level to quickly set up and weld with this machine. MIG, flux-cored, STICK and DC TIG capabilities make this unit ideal for a home or barn application all the way up to a fabrication environment. 

This unit will fit a full size spool of wire, 12-inch spool, it also has the industrial drive rolls which improve feeding and are more durable. The MDX-250 gun comes standard on this unit. This is Miller's more industrial gun that as the name suggests can handle more amperage than the MDX-100 which comes standard on the Multimatic 215 and 220. 

TIG with the 235

The TIG kit is sold separately or you can purchase the cart and TIG kit package, we will link all of the combinations for you below. We do have a review video coming soon on the TIG side for the 235! Be sure to leave a comment if you have specific questions you would like us to answer. 


This machine officially replaces the old Miller 212, which was a transformer 220 power unit. However this machine really competes on another level with the added features Miller has added to this package. It still has the traditional knobs that the older units had but it is paired with a large color screen that makes adjustments and parameters clear to the user. 

LED screen in a fabrication environment will it last? The answer is yes, these machines are designed to work hard in tough welding environments. This is not the first or the last of Miller's machines to have this feature. 4.3 inches of color display with intuitive images for set up and clear view of parameters. 

The Multimatic 235 is ready to go where your work is. Although you can pair this machine with the EZ-Latch running gear it is possible to throw this machine in the back of your car or truck. Something that was not possible with the older transformer style machines. If you are still in the selection process be sure to check out our review videos including one of our newer ones about selecting the right Multimatic! 


To learn more check out the Multimatic 235 our website or contact us for a custom quote or recommendation based on your needs.

Marta L.