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Comparing the Millermatic and ESAB Rebel

Comparing the Millermatic and ESAB Rebel

Welders looking for a new MIG welder on sale have their work cut out for them researching the many new machines on the market. This month we’re comparing two of our bestselling machines from Baker’s Gas and Welding: Miller’s Millermatic 211 and the ESAB Rebel EM 215ic for MIG welding. 

Both promise smooth MIG welding, accessible features for welders of all skill levels, and excellent value. Here’s a brief comparison of the major features offered in each machine:

What Both Miller and ESAB Offer

Starting out with the basics, Miller and ESAB both offer 3 year warranties and 100% satisfaction with their welders. They offer basic safety features on their machines that utilize fans to minimize debris and prevent thermal overloads. Welders in need of versatility will benefit from both machines offering 120 and 240 V power options. 

ESAB SmartMIG vs. Miller Autoset

Both machines offer ways to easily set your welding parameters based on the wire diameter and the thickness of the material you’re welding. The SmartMIG (sMIG) feature offered through ESAB’s Rebel 215ic is designed to adapt the machine to your welding needs and tendencies, improving efficiency and creating a more stable arc over time. These basic features of sMIG can be further adapted to an advanced mode that offers more control over the arc. 

The Millermatic 211’s Auto-set feature is quite similar, but its parameters can include the type of wire and the type of gas being used. Once you dial in the thickness of the material you’re welding, you’ll be ready to go. These wire and gas combinations improve the accuracy of the settings and the quality of your weld.

ESAB vs. Miller Display and Design Features

The Rebel’s display screen is part digital and part dial, making it a breeze to set up precise parameters for welding. The Millermatic is operated with intuitive dials and controls that simplify setting up your machine. Both machines have improved on past display options, adding increased clarity, while maintaining designs and options that are familiar to welders. 

Comparing Rated Output for ESAB and Miller

The Millermatic welds at 120 V: 115 A at 19.8 VDC with a 20% duty cycle and 240 V: 150 A at 21.5 VDC with a 40% duty cycle, giving it a slight edge in terms of duty cycle, but still offering a similar amount of power for welding compared to the Rebel. The Rebel has a rated output of 130 A/20.5 V (120 V) at a 20% Duty Cycle and a 205 A/24.3 V (230 V) at a 25% Duty Cycle. 

Welding Machine Weight Comparison

Both machines from Miller and ESAB are portable and come with roll cage designs that can protect the machines if they fall over or are dropped. ESAB’s Rebel weighs in at 40 pounds, while the Millermatic weighs 38 pounds. They have convenient carrying handles that make it easy to carry them around the shop or jobsite, with the Rebel offering five different handles. 

Find the Millermatic and ESAB Rebel on Sale

The Millermatic 211 and ESAB Rebel EM 215ic are among the industry leaders in the MIG welder market, offering compact, sturdy machines that are portable and versatile, welding a variety of material types. You’ll find some of the most competitive prices, free bonus offers, easily added accessories, and free ground shipping on most orders at Baker’s Gas and Welding. 

Learn more about the Rebel EM 215ic and Millermatic 211.

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