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Rising Demand for Welders

Supply and Demand Chart

If you live in the Georgia-Carolina region, now is a great time to be a welder. With the expansion of the energy industry in the area, the demand for welders is increasing rapidly. Employers are looking for employees who have the skills to get the job done, and there seems to be more jobs in this area than there are employees.

Technical colleges in Augusta, Georgia as well as the technical college in Aiken, have seen a large increase in the number of students who are signing up to become certified welders. Students have seen the demand for welders and they have seen the amazing potential for steady work, great benefits, and very good pay. A few are more interested in learning to weld for their hobbies and artwork, but most are looking for a way to secure an excellent career and a good future for themselves and their families if they already have them.

The demand is so great that Augusta Tech, located in Augusta, Georgia, has had to put students on a waiting list before they can begin welding classes. The wait to be accepted into the welding program can be as long as a year. The Aiken technical college also has a waiting list, though it is not quite as long as the list at Augusta Tech

If you already are a certified welder then there seems to be plenty of opportunity for you in this region. The demand is high and the employers are not small companies; they are large energy companies who are expanding in the area and seeking people who work. If you are planning to become a welder, you do not need to worry. With the projects at the Savannah River Site and Plant Vogle, there will be a high demand for welders for the next few years, with more positions than there are welders. As more money is given towards alternative energy and new plants, even more welders will be needed.

Another good advantage: it takes a special breed of people to be welders. Not everyone can do it and not everyone wants to. Many people are not willing to put in the amount of effort it takes to learn and are not willing to do a tough, dirty job no matter how satisfying or well paying it is. That leaves the door wide open for those who are and ensures welders will be appreciated for years to come.

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