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Tips on Choosing a Welding Helmet


Safety is an important concern for any welder. A welding helmet protects you from burns and from the light of the welding arc, which can cause damage to your skin and eyes. The more complete the protection you use while welding, the safer you are and less likely you are to face serious injuries. Hundreds of welders are injured every year because they skimped on safety. 

Welding helmets are not considered to be necessary by some welders, while others see them as one of the best ways to protect yourself while working. The helmets have a very dark, glass screen that will block out the light from the welding arc and sparks, and will save your vision and keep you from getting such problems as arc eye. Most helmets are comfortable to wear but it can be hard to choose the right one.

You can choose whether to get a welding helmet that has an auto darkening lens or one that has a fixed shade. Which one you choose will depend on the work that you do. If you work full time as a welder then you will probably want to choose an auto darkening helmet. These helmets can be adjusted and when you are not welding you can still see out the lens so you don't have to remove your helmet. If you only weld as a hobby or rarely at your job then you may want a fixed-shade cover. These are low-priced but can be a little hard to use because you have to lift them every time you want to see what is going on, then flip them back down before you can start welding again.

If your budget is an issue, you can easily find welding helmets that you can afford. There is a helmet for every budget and depending on what you need, you can find something you can fall in love with. And that is important; after all, you're going to be wearing it a whole lot. The higher the price, the better the quality, so it may be beneficial to save if you have to to get the best helmet you possibly can. You can always improve your helmet if you find you need to.

Consider your personality when choosing a welding helmet as well. You may like a helmet that is completely black. But then again, you might like the one that has blue flames, or one with a skull and crossbones. Ladies may prefer pink and purple camo or another tough yet feminine design. Your welding helmet is one place where you can enjoy staying safe while letting your personality shine through and have some fun.

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Dylan Brown


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Levi Armstrong

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