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AWS Welding Fabricator Certification Awarded

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The highest standards for welding companies are those that are set by the American Welding Society (AWS). The society's standards are so high that many companies are never able to meet them. When a company does meet the standards, then the company has earned the prestige and knows to expect even more customers as everyone understands that the company is meeting high standards with quality work.

One of the certifications that AWS awards is the prestigious Certified Welding Fabricator. SPANCO, Inc has recently won this designation. On top of that, SPANCO's line of fall protection products that are made in the company's division of Rigid Lifelines has also been awarded the certification.

In receiving this certification, SPANCO and the Rigid Lifelines division have proven that they have a quality management system that makes sure their personnel, resources, and procedures follow the system and create products that outdo the competition and live up to the company's reputation.

SPANCO makes heavy duty cranes and other equipment while their division of Rigid Lifelines produces products that cater to fall prevention and industrial lift needs for companies of all sizes. Customers already trust both lines of equipment and have for many years. The recent receipt of the Welding Fabricator Certification will only deepen their current customers trust in the company. New customers will see that they have been certified by the AWS and be much more likely to place their trust – and their workers' safety – in the hands of SPANCO and its Rigid Lifeline division.

It is important for any welding company to strive to meet not only the needs of their customers but also to try and meet the standards set by the AWS. Not only does it ensure that the companies are ready and able to meet the demands of their customers now and in the future but it also ensures that only the highest quality products are being produced and released for use. This can help to protect not only those who are actually doing the work but also those who come in later to use what those welders have made, whether that is a car or an office building.



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