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Welding with your Smartphone, 7 Best Apps for Welders

Welding with your Smartphone, 7 Best Apps for Welders

Just in case you needed another reason to be on your phone (or to finally upgrade to a smartphone); here are the best applications for welders with smartphone technology. Start using your smartphone to do, well – smart things.

Welding Parameters Set-up Guide

Brought to you by ESAB Welding & Cutting Products, the app will help you identify the parameters for a job. Enter the metal to be welded and fillers; the application determines welding machine settings. The free application can be downloaded at www.esabna.com/apps

Weld Design for Android

The weld design app for novice fabricators will let you calculate weld strength. You'll find welding symbols lists and info on TIG, FCAW, and MIG welding. Calculate MIG wire speed by entering plate thickness and burn rate.

Scan2PDF Mobile

A great general-purpose business app is Scan2PDF by Burrotech. Use your phone's camera to scan receipts, contracts, or other documents. You can then email full-color PDFs to yourself for use at your desktop. App works with iPhone and Android. Price is $14.99

RealCalc Scientific Calculator for Android

The calculator looks and works like the real thing. The app will save your last 10 calculations. Conversions between distance, speed, pressure, and area are easy. Trig functions work in degrees, radians, or grads. Read the details in the Android Market.

Blender 3D Design for iPhone

An introduction to CAD modeling and animation, this app covers basic mesh modeling, texture application, lighting, and rendering. This is a free download from www.blender.org, but you'll need Blender 2.5X software to follow the tutorial course. Learn how to split and join, scale, rotate, and move objects.

Welding Fundamentals Quiz

For the novice, students, those interested in trivia, and anyone looking to learn a thing or two about welding, try the Welding Fundamentals Quiz. For free you get 300 quizzes, flash cards, and a welding dictionary. Full of content, the app is simple and straight forward.

AWS Event App

Scan the QR code below to get the latest events from the American Welding Society or search the App Store for AWS Fabtech. The free app provides you with a dashboard, show information, schedule organization, real-time updates, built-in Twitter feed, and you can rate or comment on sessions.

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