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Lincoln Electric Product Selection Expanded

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 Lincoln Electric is a very popular company in the welding industry. They supply the equipment and consumables needed for welders around the world to do their jobs. Lincoln Electric Holdings has acquired Applied Robotics as well as Techalloy Co. Inc and the parent company, Central Wire Industries Ltd. These purchases will allow Lincoln Electric to offer more products and services to their customers.

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Techalloy is based in Baltimore and is privately held. The company produces stainless steel and nickel-alloy welding consumables. In acquiring this company, Lincoln Electric will be able to expand their high-alloy consumable line. This will benefit North American customers as well as customers around the world. Lincoln Electric feels that Techalloy is positioned very well in the global marketplace and will allow the company to expand even further worldwide.

Lincoln Electric may have made an even better move in acquiring Applied Robotics Inc. This company is a manufacturer of CNC cutting tables and the accessories needed for them. The brand is known as Torchmate. Small and mid-sized companies often use these tables and systems as there is something available for them whether they need an oxy-fuel system or a plasma system.

Lincoln Electric believes that, since metal cutting and arc welding are closely related, that adding the Torchmate brand will allow the company to further expand and meet the needs of customers around the world. In fact, Lincoln Electric expects to be able to reach new fabricators by offering an extended line of products that will satisfy the needs of welders as well as cutters.

While the assets purchased belonged to two other companies, Lincoln Electric is not closing the companies down nor laying anyone off. Instead, the companies will continue to operate as usual, simply with new owners. Since a great deal of growth is expected, there may even be the possibility of expanding the workforce at the three companies, creating jobs as the markets expand.

If you own a welding company, you may soon find it easier to purchase the welding and cutting supplies that you need. You will be able to simply contact Lincoln Electric for the welding equipment, cutting equipment, and the consumables that you will need for any project that may come to your company. This streamlining has the potential to make life much easier for welders and welding companies around the world.

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