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Which Plasma Cutter is right for your application?

A plasma cutter provides a simple, clean, and efficient way to safely cut metal. They are particularly popular with large cutting operations because they don’t require a pre-heating cycle, cut a wide variety of metals. Miller Plasma cutters can cut through up to 7/8 inch steel and stainless steel and up to 5/8 inch aluminum!

MIG Welding Aluminum Spool Gun Tips

Learning to MIG weld aluminum can be tricky! Once you master it much easier than other aluminum welding options. Aluminum is soft which presents some challenges. We have some tips to get you up and running!  

Weekly Welding Roundup -- Welding News

The welding club, led Mary Kuebelbeck, a welding instructor at SVC, partnered with the city to fabricate a geese sculpture for the city welcome sign originally, and the relationships built with local fabrication businesses and the sense of accomplishment sparked a 10-year sculpture partnership.

Remembering Welder and Competitive Driver Jessi Combs

Welder, competitive driver, and television star Jessi Combs passed away on August 27th 2019 at the age of 36 when her jet powered car, called the North American Eagle, crashed in a dry lake bed in Oregon. Combs was attempting to break her own land speed record. 

How to Choose Which ESAB Rebel Welder Is Right for You

The ESAB Rebel offers a full range high and low power settings in a portable machine capable of stick, MIG, and TIG welding. The full range of ESAB’s Rebel multiprocess welders are priced competitively at Baker’s Gas and Welding.


End of Year Sale on Miller Syncrowaves, Bobcats, and Trailblazers

The best-selling welders and welder generators are marked down by as much as $1,000* or much more this month, making now the perfect time to splurge on a brand name welder or welder generator. Whether you need a generator for on the go welding work.

Getting Stuck on Stick Welding

Many welders learn their trade by stick welding with 7018, 6010, and 6011 welding rods. The rods are versatile, easy to work with, and can be used in a variety of situations. If you have a welding project outside, a stick welding rod doesn’t need...

Miller Electric Upgrades Syncrowave 210 TIG Welder

The Miller Syncrowave 200 TIG welder has been replaced by the lighter and far more powerful Syncrowave 210 TIG welder that will be ideal for welding shops and hobby welders. It offers a wider array of features, a slot for memory cards, the ability to

Safely Setting Up a Welding Machine for New Welders

During the holiday season there will be many welders picking up new welding machines and welding supplies for their shops and home welding projects, but if you’re new to welding, you need to spend some time making sure your welder is safe to use

When to Use Pulse for TIG Welding

TIG welding with the pulse feature is most often done for thin metals such as aluminum and can also be used with copper and varieties of steel. Pulsing can be set up with a foot pedal or as a setting on your TIG welder, but...

Weekly Welding Roundup—Welding News

Peter Helmschrott had been a day laborer and a former prison inmate. When he tried to get his life back on track, he could only find jobs that paid an unsustainable $10 an hour. Helmschrott looked for new job opportunities where he could apply himself

Find the Best Value Now in a Thermal Arc 3 in 1 Welder

The current sale on Thermal Arc welders at Baker’s Gas and Welding provides an extraordinary opportunity to pick up a versatile and reliable 3 in 1 welder at a highly competitive sale price. With so many options to choose from, here are some specs to

Welding Projects for Your Shop

Buying a welder is just the start of what you need in order to start welding. Besides picking up welding safety gear and welding supplies, you’ll also need to set up a welding shop at home that is safe and convenient. While you could buy...

The Advantage of Weldcraft TIG Torches

You can find a huge selection of Weldcraft TIG torches and accessories at Baker’s Gas and Welding, and if you spend at least $100 for a limited time, you can also get free shipping on your Weldcraft TIG torch order. Most TIG welders come with...

Art Welding Project Inspiration Part Two

From the fanciful and fun to the practical and user-friendly, art welding projects provide an excellent change of pace to your welding projects and can also provide a great opportunity to learn a new welding skill. In addition, an art welding project gives you a...

Modifications for Your TIG Welding Set Up

Some TIG welders or multi-process welders don’t offer the full range of options that you could need for a TIG welding project. For example, if you need to weld aluminum, AC will be a necessity for a TIG welder. If you own a TIG welder...

Art Welding Project Inspiration

Welding holds our world together. From bridges to pipelines to cars, we benefit from welding every day. However, welding can also make our world a far more beautiful place.

Weekly Welding Roundup—Welding News

Welding isn’t just for pipelines and hot rods. In fact, some welders have found ways to donate their welding skills to the community by creating lasting memories of their loved ones. In the UK, a Durham Welder Created a Memory Tree: “A Durham welder has created