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End of Year Sale on Miller Syncrowaves, Bobcats, and Trailblazers

End of Year Sale on Miller Syncrowaves, Bobcats, and Trailblazers

The best-selling welders and welder generators are marked down by as much as $1,000* or much more this month, making now the perfect time to splurge on a brand name welder or welder generator. Whether you need a generator for on the go welding work or you need a machine that offers a wide range of welding options, Miller’s bestselling welders and welder generators are significantly marked down and worth a long look if you’re ready to pick up one of these versatile machines:

Miller Bobcat Welder Generator

Miller’s Bobcat welder generator provides a steady power supply for smooth, continuous welds with only a third of the noise. The case is sturdy and rugged, fully enclosing the machine and its components without recirculating hot air when you’re working in a closed-in location.

You’ll find more than enough power for your welds with its 23 HP engine, helping you knock out most home and work projects. Best yet, with a 12 gallon tank, you can expect 14 hours of power while running at 4,000 watts.

When it comes to welding, you can swap between AC and DC, and you’ll find MIG, TIG, and stick options for whatever comes your way.

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Miller Trailblazer Welder, Generator, Plasma Cutter

Cut, weld, gouge, or hook up some air tools with this highly versatile welder generator. It maxes out with 13,000 watts of usable peak generator power and offers an incredibly smooth welding arc. With its cutting edge design and efficient engine configuration, you’ll use 50% less fuel and cut your emissions output as well.  If you need to charge a battery or make a jump start, you’ll be able charge up a 12 or 24 volt battery with up to 450 amps of charger output.

Besides its efficiency and versatility, the Trailblazer will also turn heads at work sites with its spare design, taking up 50% less space in your truck so that you can drop in smaller welding machines, tools, or supplies.

When you need a steady supply of air for your tools or plasma cutter setup, you’ll have access to 100% deliverable air between 70 and 160 PSI. Whether you’re gouging or cutting with a plasma cutter, the Trailblazer is designed to meet some of the most demanding projects.

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Miller Dynasty TIG/Stick Welder – Power Source

Switch between AC and DC power or stick or TIG welding processes in this powerful, compact inverter. This light, versatile machine can hook up to any voltage frequency, while offering up to 50% more efficiency than a common welding machine.

When it comes to welding on AC power, you can swap out Advance Squarewave, Soft Squarewave, Sine Wave, and Triangular Wave. For DC TIG projects you’ll find DC TIG pulse control and an unexpectedly smooth arc.

Hot starts and non-contact high frequency arc starts are especially important for keeping your tungsten pure and preventing impurities in your metal workpiece. Like most Miller machines, the Dynasty TIG welder runs with a fan on demand that only operates when needed.

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Miller Syncrowave TIG Welder

The Miller Syncrowave TIG welder is a perennial bestseller that. It offers a reliable power source and the option of switching over to stick welding if you need it. The versatility of three starting options under the Synchro Start feature helps users get the most from their tungsten based on the thickness of the metal workpiece, while the Squarewave output makes it easy to get superior penetration with minimal spatter.

If you’re working on the same project for a while, the last procedure recall will alter your machine according to its last settings when you get to work. TIG welders will also enjoy the life arc start so that they can skip high frequency starts. With Line Voltage Compensation, you’ll have a steady rate of power even if there are fluctuations with your input power source.

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Get the Best Prices for Welders and Generators

You’ll consistently find the best prices on Miller welders and welder generators at Baker’s Gas and Welding. Keep an eye out for monthly promotions, Miller’s annual Build with Blue Sale, and add-ons such as torches, helmets, and jackets for select products each month. Stop by today to read reviews and to see which machines are the bestsellers in their class.

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*Prices are subject to change as promotions expire.

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