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Miller Electric Upgrades Syncrowave 210 TIG Welder

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The Miller Syncrowave 200 TIG welder has been replaced by the lighter and far more powerful Syncrowave 210 TIG welder that will be ideal for welding shops and hobby welders. It offers a wider array of features, a slot for memory cards, the ability to weld up to 1/4-inch-thick materials in a single pass, and a user-friendly interface. Welders will be able to switch between AC and DC TIG welding, but they can also use the Syncrowave’s stick welding option for any projects that may require a little bit of old school welding.

Here’s a look at these and many other features in the following post from Miller Electric.

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The Syncrowave 210 is the first Miller TIG welder to include the Pro-Set™ feature, which takes the guesswork out of setting weld parameters by offering preset controls right on the Syncrowave 210. Users simply select either the DIG or Balance feature and adjust until Pro-Set appears on the display. The welder’s Auto-Line™ technology and the multi-voltage plug (MVP™) allow for easy hookup to any input voltages within 115 – 230 V with no manual linking, providing reliable input power regardless of welding conditions.

“These operator-friendly controls provide speed, convenience and increase user confidence by eliminating the guesswork,” said Andrew Pfaller, TIG Product Manager for Miller Electric Mfg. Co. “The Syncrowave 210 maintains a softer AC arc that owners of past Syncrowave models can appreciate, while combining ease-of-use with the power and performance of advanced inverter technology.”

The Syncrowave 210 was designed especially for beginning TIG welders.

‘‘The Syncrowave 210 has worked great right out of the box. We just adjust the amperage for thickness and begin welding — plus the arc starts are really smooth, said Michael Pecosky, welding specialist for Wisco Industries. “I’ll probably be looking at a Syncrowave 210 for my garage at home. It would be perfect.’’

The machine draws less power than the previous Syncrowave 200 model, allowing full welding output from 230 V while drawing less than 30 amps. The result is lower installation and operational costs.

At only 133 pounds, the machine is more than 100 pounds lighter than the Syncrowave 200. Built-in wheels, an integrated storage compartment and an E-Z Access™ consumable compartment increase the machine’s portability.

A memory card port on the front panel provides the flexibility to upgrade software and expand product features, including the AC frequency (adjust from 60 to 150 Hz) and DC pulse (adjust up to 150 PPS max).

If you’re in the market for a TIG welder, the new Syncrowave 210 from Miller is a lighter, far more portable option that costs a lot less than many TIG welders on the market. You’ll have more versatility with its high and low voltage power options as well as its AC/DC TIG welding that is paired with stick welding.

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