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The Advantage of Weldcraft TIG Torches

The Advantage of Weldcraft TIG Torches

You can find a huge selection of Weldcraft TIG torches and accessories at Baker’s Gas and Welding, and if you spend at least $100 for a limited time, you can also get free shipping on your Weldcraft TIG torch order.

Most TIG welders come with torches and pedals, but oftentimes a standard TIG welding torch won’t provide the same level of comfort, accuracy, and control while you’re working on a welding project as a higher quality TIG torch from Weldcraft. By upgrading your welding torch you’ll be able to take your welding projects to the next level or give yourself a significant advantage over the other welders in your shop.

TIG Torches with Finger Controls

TIG welding requires carefully controlling the amount of heat you use on your metal work piece. Too much heat could burn through, distort, or wreck the metal you’re welding. Too little heat won’t get enough material into the weld joint. This requires carefully controlling the heat input with your TIG welder, and finger controls on your TIG welding torch will make that much easier to do while you’re on the job.

Some sort of finger control is typical for TIG welding torches, but each model will have different variations that may give you an advantage or greater control over your welding process. In addition, some welders prefer foot pedals over finger controls. We’ll discuss foot pedals below.

Air-Cooled TIG Torches

Air cooled TIG torches are the standard torch option that comes with most TIG welding machines. They are generally adequate for welding for shorter periods of time at lower temperatures. While a good pair of TIG welding gloves will help keep your hands cool and safe while welding with an air-cooled TIG torch, you won’t be able weld quite as long as since air can only do so much to cool off your torch.

Water-Cooled TIG Torches

When you need to weld for a longer period of time or at a higher amperage, a water-cooled torch will be a much better option than an air-cooled torch. Water-cooled torches will not get as hot and will make for a far more comfortable welding experience. They’ll be more expensive than an air-cooled torch, but you’ll get more time on task. The trade off in productivity could make a torch upgrade well worth the extra expense.

Keep in mind that many welders do just fine with an air-cooled torch. However, comfort and longer welding times can make a big difference when you’re working on a TIG welding project for longer periods of time.

Foot Pedals for TIG Torches

If you want to keep your hands free while welding so that you can control your heat input, a food pedal is an excellent investment. While it will take a little time to figure out how to manipulate the amperage with your foot while focusing on your weld puddle, a foot pedal is an excellent way to go.

Many welders also come with a foot pedal, but sometimes they don’t provide the same level of control that a welder needs. The most common complaint is that foot pedals are a little too “inaccurate.” In other words, a little pressure could send the pedal down too fast, resulting in a sudden burst of heat in your weld puddle that could potentially ruin your metal work piece. Others can stick, causing some obvious problems to your weld puddle! Buying a specially designed TIG welding foot pedal by Weldcraft will ensure that you get a top of the line pedal that can easily manipulate the weld puddle while you work.

TIG Welding Accessories

You can also take your TIG welding to the next level by picking up Weldcraft’s high quality TIG welding accessories such as a TIG cup, which will make overhead welding significantly easier. TIG cups make it possible to “walk the cup” along the weld joint and to make a clean, controlled weld.

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