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Baker's Best Gear of 2019

We have seen a lot of improvements in the welding industry this year, and customers are always asking us what the best of the best is! Here are some of our favorites along with the best-sellers that our customers love.

TIG Welding Tips: Find the Right Electrode

Choosing the right TIG welding electrode can be overwhelming when you learn that there are six different types of tungsten electrodes to choose from. There are even rare earth electrodes.

Tips for the Best Looking Stick Welds

Stick welding has a lot of advantages that are easy to overlook, especially since MIG welders have become so popular with many home and hobby welders. For starters, stick welding is relatively cheap and simple to set up.

Tips for Unique MIG Welding Positions

There are general rules for MIG welding that always apply, such as taking the time to determine the best amperage, set up a good ground, and select optimal wire feed settings.

What Does a More Expensive TIG Welder Offer?

One of the more shocking moments of shopping for a welder may be when you look at a top of the line TIG welder and discover a sticker in the $6,000 price range.

The Best Welding Helmet for MIG Welding

MIG welding is used for a wide variety of applications, from large scale fabrication to more precise automotive work. MIG welders tend to create less spatter than stick welding, but you still need to wear proper welding safety gear such as cotton clothes, MIG welding

Tips for Teaching a New Welder

When you have your own welder, you may be the guy all of your friends go to for welding lessons. The problem is, you haven’t been trained how to teach someone to weld. You may be on the verge of a really frustrating weekend if

How to Weld Using Cellulosic Electrodes

Cellulosic electrodes are covered electrodes where the covering is comprised of a high amount of cellulose. These types of electrodes are used primarily in stick metal arc welding and are favorites among welders because of their high level of penetration, accuracy, and their high endurance.

What is the Best MIG Welder for the Money?

Figuring out the best MIG welder for your needs will be determined by how much you’re able to spend, what kinds of metal you want to weld, and how frequently you plan on using your welder. Before you hunt Craig’s List for the cheapest MIG

Indoor/Outdoor Bench Welding Project

From your garden to your mudroom, a sturdy metal bench can serve a wide variety of purposes while providing the durability and strength that furniture in these locations requires. While a wooden bench may rot over time or the screws may give way, a welded

The Worst Mistake You Can Make When Buying a New Welder

There is one mistake you can make when buying a welder that can make your new welder either your favorite tool or your least favorite tool. Though it is true that welding takes a lot of skill and practice in order to do it well,

Different Welding Techniques

Welding is the process in which two pieces of metal are joined using heat and electricity.  The type of metal you are welding will determine the technique that will provide you with the best possible result.

5 Ways to Simplify the TIG Welding Process

If anything can go wrong while welding, it will most likely go wrong while TIG welding. Technique and materials for TIG welding need to be just right. If there is ever a type of welding that demands a bit of practice and even jotting down

How to Get Started with TIG Welding

If your resolution for this year involves learning a new way to weld, then you may want to give TIG welding a shot. TIG welding requires a little more skill and practice than the other welding methods, but it’s a very precise, clean, and versatile

5 Key Considerations in Selecting the Right Filler Metal for Your Welding Project

When it comes right down to it, the strength, longevity and overall integrity of a weld depends largely upon the filler metal. Failing to select the right filler metal for your welding project promises to compromise the fortitude of your weld. OK, that totally makes

Types of Welding Ovens

Industrial welding ovens can be used as preheating ovens or for post-heating. They are used by welders and fabricators to heat-treat weldments or metallic parts. Commonly heated items include ship bearings, cylinder heads, castings, welded joints, plates, aluminum, carbon steel joints, and pumps.

Different Types of Welding Rods

Welding rods are necessary in the welding process to add filler metal to the area being welding. In some arc welding methods the welding rod is also used as the electrode. The welding rod is typically made of the same material that the base metals

5 Reasons to Own a Stick Welder

MIG welders are regularly among the top sellers at Baker’s Gas and Welding because they are easy to use and create clean, strong welds. MIG welders are great for anything from a household project, to a car repair, to a series of fabrication jobs.