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Top-Selling Welders to Give as Gifts to a Beginner

A new welding machine makes a great gift for the aspiring craftsman, do-it-yourself handyman, car hobbyist, or farmer who needs a simple way to make repairs. Though some welders can cost thousands of dollars, a beginning welder may not need a lot of power in order to get started on making his/her first welds. If you aren’t sure which machine will work best for a loved one’s new hobby, here are some recommendations based on the choices of customers at Baker’s Gas and Welding’s online store: 

Miller Millermatic 140 All-In-One Wire MIG Welder w/ Auto-Set, 115 V
One of the best-selling welders at Baker’s Gas and Welding’s online store, this powerful MIG welder runs off a 115V wall outlet, making it easy to use right after opening. This lighter-duty MIG welder is perfect for automotive jobs and other small projects around the house or in a welding shop. It provides just enough power to get started without forcing you to install a new 230V plug in your garage.

MIG welders are quite popular for beginners because the process is quite simple to learn. Though it’s important to learn basic welding safety and technique, a MIG welder permits welders to use two hands while working and automates the wire feeding process—making for a very user-friendly machine.

Miller Millermatic 211 All-In-One MIG Welder w/ Auto Set and MVP Plug (120/230 V)
This top selling MIG welder provides a lot more power than its MM 140 cousin, but it also requires a plug that can handle 230 Volts. If you’re working on a thin piece of metal, this welder can switch to 120V power, making it extremely convenient for welders who want more versatility in their machine without having to invest in several welders. If you’re buying this welder for someone who plans to work on thick metal, consider picking up this more versatile model.

Lincoln AC 225 Long-Life Smooth Arc Welder
This simple and reliable machine is priced to sell and has a proven track record. In fact, over the years Lincoln Electric has made very few changes to this welder’s design since it continues to weld effectively. Stick welding is a great process for beginners since the machines are inexpensive and you only need to buy a pack of electrodes in order to begin working (6010 electrodes are good for beginners).

The prep work required for sticking welding is minimal and you don’t need to invest in shielding gas—unlike MIG welding. Lincoln’s stick welder is very portable and versatile for a wide variety of jobs. Stick welders have remained popular with farmers and other fabricators in the welding trade because of their reliability and the simplicity of the welding process.



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