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Baker's Best Gear of 2019

Baker's Best Gear of 2019

We have seen a lot of improvements in the welding industry this year, and customers are always asking us what the best of the best is! Here are some of our favorites along with the best-sellers that our customers love. Don't see a product on this list that you are considering? Reach out to us, and we'll let you know what we think!

Here's a list of our Best-Sellers from each category!

Multiprocess Welding Machines

Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC
  • The Miller 220 was ahead of the multiprocess pack. The 220 was the first truly all-process unit. It can handle any project with MIG, Stick, Flux-Cored, and AC/DC TIG. Miller promises convenience with this machine with features like Auto-Set or the ability to switch processes with the pull of a trigger. All of this power is packed into a small inverter body. The 220 is an incredible first unit for a home-hobbyist or a useful tool for the seasoned pro.¬†SHOP

    ESAB Rebel 205 AC/DC
    • The Rebel 205ic took a bit longer to release, but once it was here and in the hands of customers, it was obvious that ESAB wasn't messing around. They Rebel 205 boasts extreme adjustability for the seasoned welder, with easy out-of-the-box setup for the novice welder. It is an all-process machine capable of MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick, and AC/DC TIG. ESAB focused on the small details and included thoughtful features like an LED light in the cabinet, a large LED screen, sMIG technology, and an IP23 weather rating.¬†SHOP

    Fronius TransSteel 2200
    • A surprising addition to the list but well-earned, the TransSteel 2200 from Fronius was a fan-favorite. Though not an all-process machine, the TransSteel eliminates the need for a Spool Gun purchase and allows the user to easily feed aluminum MIG wire directly through the standard MIG gun liner. This is due to their patented liner. This unit also has a weather rating of IP23. If you haven't seen our welding engineer Andrew put this machine through the test in our YouTube demo yet, we recommend it...¬†SHOP

    MIG Welding Machines

    Miller Millermatic 255
    • This is a pulsed MIG welder with a Multiprocess brother, the Multimatic 255. It is leaner and meaner than the 252 due to it's inverter power supply. The machine comes in at about 80 pounds, and it handles MIG, Pulsed MIG, and Flux Cored Welding. You can dress it up with Miller's awesome EZ-Latch Cart or just throw it up on your work bench. This unit has a large LED screen and can hold a full-sized spool of wire. It offers the ability to upgrade consumables to Bernard's AccuLock S line, and it also has a MIG gun upgrade to the EZ-Select MDX 250 MIG Gun which can come in quite handy for production welding.¬†SHOP

    ESAB Rebel EM 235
    • The Rebel EM 235 is a solid and very cost effective industrial MIG welder. It has a multiprocess twin, the EMP 235 as well. This unit has a weather rating of IP23, and it comes with a very rugged body with multiple lift points that also double as protection for the face and rear of the unit. The EM 235 houses a¬†12# spool, and it weighs just 53#. This unit has sMIG as well, so you can plug in your wire size as well the thickness of material and you are good to go!¬†SHOP

      Stick Welding Machines

      Miller Thunderbolt 160
      • This unit surprised us, but it came in strong at the end of the year. It is a small and low-cost unit for a beginner. It also doesn't take up much if any space in your garage and comes in at around 21#. You can sling it over your shoulder and tackle projects around the house. We put it to the test against an old Miller buzzbox, and it held its own! It also has a bigger brother, the Thunderbolt 210!¬†SHOP

        Fronius AccuPocket 150
        • Fronius once again surprised us with the portability and ease of use in the AccuPocket. Their catch phrase "What's Your Welding Challenge" rings true here, as you can really go anywhere and weld. If the battery runs out on this unit, you can plug it right in and it'll be charged again for the day¬†over a¬†lunch break. This unit comes in both a TIG/Stick or just a Stick package. This welding machine has brought down the cost that it takes to handle a remote or hard-to-reach job.¬†SHOP
        TIG Welding Machines
        Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200
        • This unit has been a favorite of ours and customer's since its release a couple years back. It is a stand-alone in it's price range for how much it can do. We think that Lincoln could charge more for this machine (but don't tell them we said that). The TIG 200 is capable of AC/DC TIG as well as Stick welding. It can also weld up to 3/8" steel. This unit is not an unbearable price for all of the features, so no matter your skill level it is a solid tool to pick up.¬†SHOP

          Fronius MagicWave 230i
          • This is a water-cooled TIG unit from Fronius. The MagicWave is super simple to use out of the box, and it is an excellent addition to any fab shop. It features HF start, a water-cooled unit, TAC technology and an active wave feature. We are currently in the process of making a demo video for this unit, so stay tuned! SHOP

          Best Welding Helmets

          Optrel Crystal 2.0
          • This helmet rocked our world (watch Andrew's initial reaction in the video below). It has an extremely high brightness level. This is a bit cliched, but you really have to see it to believe it. They beat their own brightness record from 3 years ago. The Crystal is truly a premium helmet and will work fantastically for any welding process. It even has a feature called autopilot that will allow the helmet to automatically change depending on the light condition. That means more time saved and less taking off your gloves to adjust the ADF.¬†SHOP

            Miller Digital Elite
            • Miller Digital Elite has been a stronghold of the helmet industry no matter what new technology is thrown at it. It features Miller's ClearLight¬†Lens technology will takes away that green hue that the budget-brand helmets have. That means truer color to the welds no matter your process. This helmet has a bigger brother, the Digital Infinity, which has a slightly larger viewing area. Miller just recently updated the headgear on the Elite as well, so it is much more ergonomic as well.¬†SHOP

              Lincoln Viking 3350 4C
              • This helmet got a major upgrade this year and that did not include a price spike. The Viking line is already up there with our best sellers, and now with newer features like the external grind-button, an updated X6 headgear, and¬†Sunlight Differentiation technology, the helmet that was already premium got that much better! This hood is a great choice for any skill-level of welder and doesn't break the bank.¬†SHOP

                Welding Jackets

                Black Stallion Stryker FR Jacket
                • Simple, functional, and unique from Black Stallion. This jacket has features like an internal zipper pocket, adjustable waist straps, and a cool flame design up the sleeves.¬†SHOP
                Miller Classic Jacket
                • This jacket is a low cost comfortable solution to welding safely. It comes in sizes Small - 5X-Large, and the price-point is between $27 - $38.¬†SHOP

                Welding Gloves

                Black Stallion TIGster T50 TIG Gloves
                • Black Stallion really hit it out of the park with these gloves. These are a hybrid glove with FR cotton and leather. They have a DragPatch on the underside of the palm for extra wear-protection. Don't be thrown off by them being called TIGsters, these are our favorite gloves for all processes! The T50's come in sizes XS-3XL.¬†SHOP
                Tillman 1414 Cowhide Drivers
                • A cost-effective and quality work glove. These are the best gloves to have multiple pairs of stocked up in your shop. The palm / fingers are top grain cowhide, and the backhand is split leather.¬†SHOP
                Miller HD MIG/Stick Gloves
                • These are a hybrid pigskin / cowhide glove. They feature additional patches / padding where you need it and they have a longer cuff for protection against sparks. The glove comes with pre-curved fingers for a better fit out of the package, and they are sewn with FR kevlar thread! SHOP

                Oxy-Fuel Torch Kits

                Victor Performer Kit with EDGE 2.0 Regulators
                • This kit is a one stop shop, and it has everything you need to cut besides the gas! It features a cutting attachment with welding tips, as well as Victors most up-to-date EDGE 2.0 Reg's with the SLAM Knobs. This kit will handle cutting up to 1/2" and welding up to 1/4" out of the package with the accessories that are included. We've always got a killer price on this kit too, and now we even have a Baker's exclusive tip kit so you can cut thicker with the right-sized tips!¬†SHOP

                Plasma Cutters

                Hypertherm Powermax 45XP
                • Hypertherm sets the standard when it comes to quality cuts, and the 45XP is a special unit for the price-point it has. This unit also comes in various package-styles, and you can get what you need whether you are hand-cutting or using a new mechanized cutting table. The 45XP will cut up to 5/8", and it has a couple different consumable styles as well. If you choose to drag-cut, flush-cut at an angle, need some extra length, or use the powerful 45XP on light-gauge material, Hypertherm has consumables that will help you get the job done. We also offer a consumable kit for 50% off when you get your new machine! SHOP


                Black Stallion GB100 Welder's Gear Pack
                • This pack will get you through thick and thin, all the while holding up just fine. It has plenty of compartment space to hold welpers, hammers, some stick electrodes, a jacket, and your other gear. It also has a structured external pouch to hold your helmet and protect it. The GB100 feels comfortable on your back and it will be by your side all of the time, trust us.¬†SHOP
                Miller ArcStation 30FX Welding Table
                • This table is a very heavy duty table that folds up nicely to store easily in your shop. It has clamps that are compatible with it to hold your weldments, and a handle to carry it when folded. The 30 x 30" top is a convenient alternative to a wooden work bench, and will allow you to clamp the ground right to your work table.¬†SHOP
                Blue Demon Rod Storage Tube
                • These storage tubes have saved us time and time again while shooting demo videos and transporting rod. They are cheap and made of a hard molded plastic. Grab 2 or 3 to separate out your Mild Steel, Stainless, and Aluminum filler rods.¬†SHOP
                Diamond Ground Tungsten Storage Tube
                • These little storage tubes are pretty neat, and they magnet vertically on the base to your work bench¬†for convenient storage of different tungsten in your shop. We recommend grabbing one for the different tungsten electrodes you have floating around your shop.¬†SHOP
                Miller Jobsite Toolbag
                • Store your helmet, tools, and other accessories in this slightly structured duffle or sling it over your shoulder to keep your hands free. This tool bag has external cling net pockets and internal pockets as well to maximize organization and keep everything in its place. The design of this bag allows for it to open wide when unzipped, and it will stay compact and tight when zipped. SHOPÔĽŅ
                Black Stallion Cowhide Wrap-Around Helmet Bib
                • This bib is a really nice accessory for your helmet and it just clips right on to the bottom edge of the hood! It will give you coverage from sparks, heat, and UV Rays.¬†SHOP

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