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Indoor/Outdoor Bench Welding Project

From your garden to your mudroom, a sturdy metal bench can serve a wide variety of purposes while providing the durability and strength that furniture in these locations requires. While a wooden bench may rot over time or the screws may give way, a welded bench made of one inch square tube steel is a simple welding project that you can custom-design for your particular needs at home.

The bench in this particular project posted at Lincoln Electric has some key strengths that are worth observing.

Make Sure Your Welding Project Has Support

If you look at the bottom of the bench, the welder did a great job of adding enough support to the legs with an H-shaped support system. Many wooden or metal tables and chairs that are often sold at big box stores go cheap on the support along the bottom that keeps the bench held together. Appropriate support will keep the bench from wobbling and will keep the rest of your weld joints from being exposed to too much stress or pressure.

Use the Right Materials for Your Welding Project

One inch square tubing is sturdy enough for a bench and all of the stress that it will experience. In addition, this tubing is wide enough to support weight. You could mix wood and metal for a project like this, however, keep in mind that you’ll need to use a particularly durable kind of wood if you plan on keeping your bench outside.

Use the Right Welder for Your Welding Project

This particular bench was created with a MIG welder using a wire feeder. This minimized the amount of clean up required since the welder needed to grind, sand, and paint the final bench. Thankfully a thinner metal project like this one doesn’t require a lot of power in order to create strong welds that will support the weight on the bench, and therefore many basic MIG welders have more than enough power for a project like this.

What You Need for a Welding Project

Don’t forget to pick up a chop saw or grinder that can cut the metal for a project like this, in addition to grinding the metal for the finished bench. A wide variety of clamps are also essential for a welding project where you’ll need to create very precise welds so that every surface of the bench is smooth, comfortable, and level.

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