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Types of Welding Ovens

Types of Welding Ovens

Industrial welding ovens can be used as preheating ovens or for post-heating. They are used by welders and fabricators to heat-treat weldments or metallic parts. Commonly heated items include ship bearings, cylinder heads, castings, welded joints, plates, aluminum, carbon steel joints, and pumps. You’ll find welding rod and flux ovens used in a variety of industries including: aerospace, shipbuilding, oil, and construction.

Rebake vs. Holding

To properly maintain stick welding electrodes you’ll need to know the difference between rebaking and holding. Holding may be short or long-term. Holding will maintain factory levels of dryness. Temperature recommendations will vary based on type of electrode and flux coating. Your manufacturer will provide recommendations. Rebaking is a short-term, high temperature heating. Electrodes that have been or may have been damaged by moisture can be reconditioned. When the moisture is removed the electrode can be used. Many companies have a rebake oven. When electrodes come back from the field they are rebaked then moved to the holding oven for storage.

Welding Electrode Rebake Ovens

Because coatings on welding electrodes draw hydrogen containing moisture from the air, damaged electrodes can enter a weld and cause cracking. To restore such electrodes rebaking is required. Welding electrode rebake ovens are a shop essential.

Welding Flux Storage and Rebake Oven

To store flux, hopper-style ovens are available. A fast heat-up time and rugged design are essential. Ovens may have maximum temperatures ranging from 500-1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Portable Welding Electrode Ovens

Portable welding ovens may be as small as five pounds. You will also see models that are transportable, rugged, durable, and up to 50 pounds. A portable welding electrode oven is essential to keep your rods dry in the field. Look for one with a thermostat. Portable ovens can be used to transfer just baked items (or items from a holding oven) from the shop to the field.

Filler Rod Holding Ovens

Both MIG wire and TIG filler rod holding ovens are available. You’ll find compact bench-top models and large ovens for holding multiple large spools (for the large shop, Keen Ovens has mixed use storage ovens like one originally designed for Boeing). Protect your expensive consumables by using a filler rod holding oven.

Floor and bench welding electrode ovens are available as well. You’ll find rugged ovens with 500 pound capacity and smaller ovens that are compact for small spaces and efficient heating. If you’re considering a floor model for your large shop, look for one with forklift slots for easy moving.

Custom Preheating Ovens

There are even companies that will make a custom welding oven to meet your parts’ specifications. Ovens can be designed with custom shelving and custom heating capacity. They can be top loading or front loading, sit on a bench, or the floor. A little research will ensure you get the right size and configuration for your welding shop.

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