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Weekly Welding Roundup--Inspiration for Your Next Welding Project

Check out the big savings on bundled welding supplies and cutting edge welders and welding helmets at Baker’s Gas and Welding this holiday shopping season. If you’ve been waiting for the best deals on torch cutting kits, plasma cutters, or the latest welders from ESAB, Miller, and Lincoln Electric, this is the time to visit the home page of Baker’s newly updated website. 

Welding Over Spring Break

Feels like spring break just started – and for some people it has. Cap off the end of spring break (or the beginning) by catching up with the latest news on the welding industry, welding programs and more in this edition of the “Weekly Roundup.”

Families that Weld Together Stay Together

If you’re like me, you spent the last few minutes of Friday night checking off one missing number after another. If you’re not like me, well then disregard the previous message. Putting lottery woes aside, sink into welding night, welding classes and more in this

Enhanced Welding Techniques for the Navy

March Madness isn’t the only event underway; enhance your welding skills or start afresh when you gear up to join one of the new welding programs below (program details can be found in articles with orange headings). Those welding events and more form this edition

Hazel the Welder Also Riveted with Rosie's WWII Sisters

How many people can say they have a wedding ring they welded themselves? With custom workshops springing up around the country, the number just might rise. Catch up on that story, welding news concerning jobs, programs and more from the last week of February in

Creativity Sparks Art

In some US cities, welding jobs are so plentiful there are classes opening up just to train new people for the field. Set your eyes on the Welding Jobs section for more information on welding opportunities springing up around the country. That section and more

New Welding Learning Centers

Are you ready for some football (I would be so much more interested were it my team playing for the Lombardi trophy)? Football fan or not, the Roundup is here to keep you company. Chew up the usual bag of tricks – welding events, welding

Welding Mentors Help People Succeed

Roundup regulars will notice the newest edition to our weekly news report: welding health. Articles related to welding health issues and solutions will go in this section of the roundup. Welding health aside, be sure to check out the latest welding events, welding jobs and

Manufacturers Looking for Welders with Skills

The welding jobs are out there; are you making the most of the opportunity? This article says it all: Who are manufacturers hiring? Answer: People with skills. Get more information on available welding jobs, new/upgraded welding programs and much more in this edition of the

Ironworkers Tout Successful Job Training

Though the ‘Welding Gone Wrong’ section is busting at the seams, news about successful training centers and job prospects make the first roundup of 2012 a bright affair. Get your fill of those articles and more in this edition of the “Weekly Roundup.” Enjoy!  

Welders are in High Demand

The welding world continued to churn out stories in the final week of 2011 while many of us celebrated last year away. Hope on the welding job front, students working towards a great welding future and much more make up this edition of the “Weekly

Newark Welder Mixes Art and Practicality

New and improved welding programs continue to pop up all around this country – further proof that welding is not a dying profession. Chow down on info about welding jobs, welding schools and more in this edition of the “Weekly Roundup.” Enjoy! Picture Credit: DVIDSHUB

A Weld of Possibilities

Another week has come to a close as we draw nearer to 2012. Chatter about virtual reality creating welding jobs, articles on new welding courses, and more are all in this edition of the “Weekly Roundup.” Enjoy!   Picture Credit: Kris Miller via Flickr  

FABTECH 2011 Breaks Records

Holiday madness is in full effect but the welding world isn’t sitting still just yet. If you missed out on FABTECH this year, get a summarized version of FABTECH 2011 along with other welding news from the past week in this edition of the “Weekly

Weekly Roundup – New Baker's Gas Refresh

BakersGas.com just got a facelift! It’s now even easier to access Baker’s promotions, news, tips, and more. Be sure to check it out.  

Weekly Roundup – News in the Welding World

Another go of Fabtech is soon to be underway! Get the details about that welding event and more in Welding Events in November. While you wait for Fabtech, dig into a bit of welding business news, find out about new and improving welding programs, and

NRCTC Greenbrier Campus Attracts Welding Students

Cap off the weekend with some insight on the welding world of this past week. Articles on passionate welders, welding programs, possible new jobs for those in manufacturing area and more make up this edition of the “Weekly Roundup.” Enjoy! 

NASA Taking Welding to New Heights

The men and women at NASA aren’t the only ones taking their welding skills to new heights. Find out all about their latest endeavor, a new welding scholarship, growing welding programs, a greater employment outlook and more in this edition of the “Weekly Roundup.” Enjoy!