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Camp Teaches Girls About Carpentry, Welding

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This week’s roundup is serving up a lot of special news! Get expert advice on good safety practices for gas grills from us here at Baker’s Gas, and find out all about the 9th Annual Image of Welding Awards. Those articles and more make up this edition of the “Weekly Roundup.” Enjoy!


Special News

Baker's Gas and Welding Supplies, Inc. Releases Good Safety Practices for Gas Grills

Whether people are grilling out for a large party or just for their immediate family, it is extremely important to review some basic safety practices when it comes to operating gas grills.

Call for Entries for the annual AWS Image of Welding Awards

The American Welding Society (AWS) is once again searching for the best and brightest stars in the welding community, and has subsequently extended a call for entries for the 9th Annual Image of Welding Awards.

Camp Teaches Girls About Carpentry, Welding

Rosie's Girls, named for the World War II-era icon "Rosie the Riveter," are learning traditionally male technical skills such as welding and carpentry at Woodward High School.

Patch worker enjoys metal work

A local oilfield employee has made use of his passion and talent associated with welding and metalwork to create sculptures that have benefitted individuals, organizations and the community as a whole.

Boys ranch resident turns to welding

Sixteen-year-old Joseph, who hails from the Rogers area, is proud of the grills he has crafted as a resident of the Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch (LUC) near Lampe.

Jailed teens learning welding, wiring for better futures

When the sparks stopped flying from his torch, Zachary Barnes of Cushing stood up, lifted the visor on his welding mask and turned over fused pieces of metal in gloved hands to examine his handiwork.


Welding Schools/Programs

Sparks fly in Yuba College at Weld-Ed

She's welded in Antarctica and inspected metal seams in South America, but when Sarah Patterson wanted to boost her teaching skills, she headed to Yuba College.


Welding Jobs (The Good)

Stinger Welding gets $17 million for new Libby plant

The announcement of the cash infusion and the 100-plus jobs it will create was welcome news for the Libby community, which has been plagued by double-digit unemployment in recent months and still struggles with the aftermath of…


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