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Newark Welder Mixes Art and Practicality

New and improved welding programs continue to pop up all around this country – further proof that welding is not a dying profession. Chow down on info about welding jobs, welding schools and more in this edition of the “Weekly Roundup.” Enjoy!


Special News

Newark welder mixes art and practicality

There's a dragon in Dan McCauley's front yard.

It is joined by a giant scorpion, a crayfish and a dragonfly, all conglomerations of rusty metal pipes, old farm machinery and miscellaneous motorcycle parts that have been welded together in a way that makes them much more interesting than they were in their former, more practical lives.

Building on a job weld done

In spring 2010, welder and artist Jay Sawyer strapped a nearly 5-foot-diameter sphere of 535 welded horseshoes to the top of his van and drove to the Kentucky Derby.


Welding Jobs

Welding Jobs in High Demand Across Wis.

While many jobs are being forced to lay off workers, one profession is looking to hire.


Welding Schools/Programs

SRC to offer welding program again next spring

After a brief hiatus, Spoon River College is bringing back its welding program in the spring 2012 semester. Previously, the program was offered primarily as a dual credit program in partnership with area high schools, with some traditional students enrolled in individual courses.

Stockton welding school ready to open

Welding is an industrial skill necessary for many jobs and a skill where qualified people are seemingly always in demand. Knowing this, Chad Eshleman and a business partner decided to open a veteran-owned trade school in Stockton in 2009.

Learning from a veteran welder

It’s kind of like having Stephen Hawking as your tutor before a physics exam.

New welding school aims to produce skilled artisans – SOUTH AFRICA

Construction group Aveng Grinaker-LTA has unveiled its first response to the National Development Plan’s call for all sectors of society to mobilize around a national vision to create 11-million jobs by 2030 by investing in a new welding school. . .


Welding Students

AWC students attend welding workshop

Arizona Western College students in the Institute of Welding traveled to California last month to attend a Special Lincoln Electric Automation and Simulation Workshop.

Rifle High students learn a trade and more in welding class

Bailey Rogers and Tristin Bair looked at the metal pieces on the Rifle High School welding room floor, trying desperately to figure out a way to force them into a perfect square.


Welding Gone Wrong

Inspector General questions some welding at Miami Marlins’ new stadium

Miami-Dade County’s inspector general is asking questions about the integrity of structural elements of the sliding roof on the new Miami Marlins stadium in Little Havana, after learning that a subcontractor allegedly falsified inspection reports on some critical welds.



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