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Why TIG Welders Need a Torch Upgrade

Why TIG Welders Need a Torch Upgrade

Most TIG welders come with an air-cooled torch, which can work great for plenty of projects when you’re welding with 50 to 100 amps. However, water-cooled torches offer welders some options that may cause them to consider investing in a torch upgrade that could increase their productivity, the quality of their work, and their time on task. Water cooled torches are an excellent option for welders, especially for those who are welding for longer periods of time and at higher temperatures.
Here are some advantages that come from investing in a top quality air-cooled TIG torch or water-cooled TIG torch

TIG Welding at Higher Amperages

When you need to TIG weld at a higher amperage, especially over 160 amps (300) amps is typically the limit for most air-cooled torches), you’ll need to upgrade to a water-cooled torch.  No matter how good your TIG welding gloves may be, air-cooled torches aren’t able to cool the torch enough at higher amperages, and you’ll get very hot hands while welding!
Though some water cooled torches will be a little more difficult to move around since they require an independent radiator cooling system in order to keep your torch cool, the torch itself is quite light since it contains less copper than an air-cooled torch. However, it’s typical that welding at a higher amperage will be a larger project that you will be working on in your shop, and therefore the portability of your TIG welding setup may not be a big factor in your decision.

TIG Welding Torches with Gas Control

Certain TIG welding torches are a “V” model that provides a gas control valve that adds the convenience of being able to adjust the flow of shielding gas right on the torch. When all you have is one hand free while TIG welding, a simple feature like that will come in handy and will be well worth the investment.

Flex Neck TIG Torches That Lock

A flex neck TIG torch can help you weld out of position and in awkward locations with greater ease since the head of the torch can be bent to whatever angle is most convenient for your project. The key to using a flex neck torch is that you need one that locks into place. This let’s you prop and weld without the cup wiggling all over while you weld.

You can sometimes spot a flex neck torch online because it’s designated with the letter “F” in the specifications. Some welders note that flex head torches aren’t quite as durable as a regular torch since you’re moving them around more while you work and placing more tension on them. Therefore a flex head torch may be a good addition to your welding supplies in addition to a regular torch for your more straightforward welding projects.

TIG welding effectively depends largely on having the best torch for your job. While air-cooled torches can get some projects done, water-cooled torches give
you a greater degree of flexibility and safety while you work. For especially tight jobs, a flex neck TIG torch will help you weld in difficult spots at the right angle and will pay off when you need to get a tough job done on schedule.  

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