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Precision and Power: Fronius iWave 230i AC/DC TIG Welder

Precision and Power: Fronius iWave 230i AC/DC TIG Welder

Are you in search of a TIG welder that not only meets your aluminum welding needs but also sets a new standard in performance and innovation? Look no further than the Fronius iWave 230i AC/DC TIG Welder, a cutting-edge solution designed to elevate your welding experience to new heights.

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Precision in Every Weld: Active Wave Technology

The Fronius iWave stands out with its revolutionary Active Wave Technology, making TIG AC welding a quieter and more efficient process. The integrated digital signal processor continuously calculates the optimal waveform for maximum arc stability and minimal noise emission. Even at 300 A of power, the iWave maintains noise levels below 80 dbA, ensuring a calm and focused working environment.

TAC - One Spot, Two Welds:

TAC, or Touch Arc Control, streamlines the welding process by using a pulsed arc to set two weld pools in motion, bringing them together seamlessly. This feature is particularly useful for tacking and welding light-gauge sheets without filler metal. Efficiency meets precision with the Fronius iWave.

Innovative Ignition: HF and Touchdown Ignition

The iWave incorporates a touchless and gentle high-frequency (HF) ignition for easy and efficient arc initiation. For sensitive application areas, the Touchdown Ignition comes into play, minimizing electromagnetic interference that can occur during HF ignition. Fronius ensures that your welding experience is not only powerful but also smooth and interference-free.

Automatic Cap-Shading for Efficiency:

Welding aluminum has never been more efficient with the iWave's Automatic Cap-Shading function. This feature enables automatic cap-shaping, resulting in significant time savings. Users can easily configure the size, allowing for a tailored and efficient welding process.

User-Friendly Interface:

The Fronius iWave boasts an easy and intuitive operation, providing immediate graphic feedback whenever welding parameters are adjusted. The 4.3" color plain-text display offers more than 30 language options, ensuring a global appeal. With all work parameters located on the first menu level, users can easily operate the machine while wearing gloves. The configurable favorites button adds a personalized touch to the welding experience.

Complete Packages for Every Need:

Whether you choose the air-cooled or water-cooled version, the Fronius iWave comes complete with essential accessories to enhance your welding journey.

Included with Product (Water Cooled):

  • 230A AC/DC Water Cooled Package
  • 26 ft. Torch
  • 13 ft. Ground Cable
  • Flow Meter & Starter Kit
  • 1.32 gal coolant

Included with Product (Air Cooled):

  • 230A AC/DC Air Cooled Package
  • Torch 26 ft
  • Ground Cable 13 ft
  • Flow Meter
  • Adapter 6-50P
  • Starter TIG Consumable Kit
Setting Fronius Apart:

Fronius stands out from competitors by delivering a fully digitized TIG AC/DC power source with a wide range of power categories and mobility options. The iWave's robust design, self-explanatory operating concept, and innovative features like Active Wave Technology set it apart as a game-changer in the welding industry.

Contact Bakers Gas & Welding for More Information:

Ready to elevate your welding game with the Fronius iWave 230i AC/DC TIG Welder? For more information or a personalized quote, reach out to Bakers Gas & Welding at 877-930-5690 or via email at support@bakersgas.com. Unleash precision and power in every weld with Fronius iWave!

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Regular price $725.04 USD
Sale price $725.04 USD
Regular price $784.40 USD
Fronius Wireless Foot Control TIG/TMC - 4,046,112
Regular price $622.22 USD
Sale price $622.22 USD
Regular price $645.54 USD
Fronius THP300i Water-Cooled TIG Torch 26 ft - 4,051,322
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Regular price $8,040.10 USD
Fronius iWave 230i Water-Cooled AC/DC TIG Welder - 49,0400,0032
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Sale price $5,569.00 USD
Regular price $6,424.66 USD
Fronius iWave 230i Air-Cooled TIG AC/DC Welder - 49,0400,0031

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