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Elevate your TIG Performance with Diamond Ground

Elevate your TIG Performance with Diamond Ground

Choosing the right tungsten electrode for your welding needs is a crucial decision that can have a large impact on both the quality of your welds and your bottom line. In this guide, we will explore the various factors to consider when selecting the perfect tungsten for your specific welding application. By making informed choices, you can not only achieve superior weld quality but also significantly reduce costs associated with electrode replacement, downtime, rework, and energy consumption.

Diamond Ground Products, Inc. introduced tungsten called TRI MIXTM, which combines three non-radioactive materials into one tungsten. The goal was to make the best possible tungsten by balancing the migration and evaporation rates while keeping the work function down. It starts and re-ignites very well, and it offers a particularly excellent service life in welding situations where welding cycles of at least 15 minutes are used. Technical studies in Japan have shown that mixed tungsten is very successful in optimizing welding, and thus it is expected that more of this type of product will become available in the U.S. market. The Japanese and European markets are already recognizing the benefits of combining three non-radioactive oxides into one electrode. Cryo-T tungsten is a Thoriated tungsten that has been treated with a multi-step cryogenic process. This process produces a more dense structure of the Thoriated tungsten blend. User testing has shown that Cryo-T tungsten has resulted in:
  • Easier starting compared to 2% Thoriated tungsten.
  • A much longer tip life compared to non-treated 2% Thoriated tungsten electrodes.
  • More consistent welds as a result of crisp starts.
  • Longer overall electrode life when compared to a 2% Thoriated tungsten.
  • Higher amperage tolerance as compared to a 2% Thoriated tungsten.
Cryo-T is recommended for all current users of 2% Thoriated tungsten.
Cryo Tungsten
Monster TIG kits from Diamond Ground are designed to cater to the needs of professional welders who demand precision and consistency in their TIG welding work. The components in these kits are often manufactured to high tolerances and quality standards to ensure optimal welding performance.
Don't forget to preserve and store your Tungsten with the Arc Saber Tungsten Storage Tube. Storing your tungsten properly not only preserves its quality and safety but also has financial, environmental, and compliance benefits, making it the better choice for anyone working with this valuable material.
Saber Diamond Ground storage tube
Keep in mind that the specific components and features of a Monster TIG kit can vary depending on the model and version you choose, as Diamond Ground offers a range of kits to suit different welding requirements. Our most popular kit is Diamond Ground Monster 16 TIG Nozzle Kit, 3/32". It's important to select the kit that best matches your welding needs and the type of materials you work with. If you have any questions or need any help feel free to give us a call at 877-930-5690 or shoot us an email at support@bakersgas.com

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