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What Sets Victor Gas Regulators Apart

In order to get a steady, constant cut with your cutting torch, you need a high quality regulator that maintains a steady gas pressure while you set the flow rate. While gas regulators are not exactly flashy or as impressive as a welding machine or 

New Ways of Looking at Safety for Welders

Sometimes we take safety for granted. Employers may regularly remind us of safety protocol. We read Fire Prevention for Welders. OSHA books may be handed to us. NFPA codes may be recited, but sometimes it's the simplest visual cues that do the trick to really

The Importance of Maintaining Your Welding Equipment

Do you know the old saying: “having the right tools makes a job easy?” Well, a big part of having the “right tools” is making sure the tools in your arsenal are in proper working order, so when you step up to do a job, your tools actually work.


Welding Tips for Beginners

Every experienced welder was a beginner once.  Welding is a metal joining process that has been used for centuries, in different areas of the world.  Since it was first discovered, welding has seen many advances in equipment and technique.  This makes learning to weld a

The Bestselling Gloves for Work and Welding

This month Baker’s is offering a series of promotions for Tillman work and welding gloves. These high quality leather gloves are some of the bestselling products year in, year out. Tillman offers a wide variety of gloves that will be on sale for the month

MIG Welding Safety Tips

The main points of MIG welding safety that you have to remember are to protect every bit of your skin from the UV light, closing your eyes will not prevent arc eye, work in areas that are well ventilated and use extraction fans. MIG welding is a popular type of welding. Like all kinds of welding, there are some aspects of it that can be dangerous to your health. All forms of welding can lead to injuries and sometimes death.

Gas Welding and Cutting Safety

Gas welding and cutting are processes which use oxygen and fuel gases to cut and weld metals. The method was first used by French engineers in 1903. Pure oxygen is used and increases the flame temperature, allowing the localized melting of materials in a room.

Tips on How NOT to Weld

There is a lot at stake for a welder's work. Perhaps the safety of your family, neighbors, or property could be put into jeopardy by a poor weld on something as small as a trailer hitch. Image Credit: Kavitha The last thing you want to

Tips on Choosing a Welding Helmet

Safety is an important concern for any welder. A welding helmet protects you from burns and from the light of the welding arc, which can cause damage to your skin and eyes. The more complete the protection you use while welding, the safer you are