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What Sets Victor Gas Regulators Apart

What Sets Victor Gas Regulators Apart

In order to get a steady, constant cut with your cutting torch, you need a high quality regulator that maintains a steady gas pressure while you set the flow rate. While gas regulators are not exactly flashy or as impressive as a welding machine or a plasma cutter, they are critically important for both your safety and effectiveness while cutting metal or welding with oxy-acetylene. A steady rate of pressure can make a big difference for the quality of your work, and really, the last thing you want to worry about is a gas leak!

Although buying a solid gas regulator can be a significant investment, Baker’s Gas and Welding has taken the pain out of buying the best regulator with a promotion for gas regulators by Victor. Now is the time to stock up on regulators for your fuel cutting and welding set ups!

Here are a few things you should know about regulators from Victor:

The Price of Gas Regulators by Victor

A solid regulator is an important investment since the quality of your cuts and your safety depend on it. Victor is an industry leader for gas cutting products, and therefore this current promotion with Baker’s Gas and Welding is worth noting.

Victor Gas Regulators Have an Excellent Design

You will notice that the regulators from Victor have a solid construction where the gauges aren’t sitting on top in an exposed position. They are built right into the regulator, but the design is extremely compact and simple, even if these regulators are ideal for heavy-duty, industrial applications. Size can be deceiving, especially when it comes to regulators—and this light regulator is not in the light-weight division. If you accidentally hit anything in your shop and it falls on your gas regulator by Victor, you have the added comfort of knowing that Victor’s engineers created this series of regulators with such incidents in mind.

Victor Gas Regulators Are Easy to Use

Victor’s regulators are designed to be simple and more user-friendly than any other regulator on the market, with a more intuitive design that makes it more comfortable to set up and adjust the regulator while you’re welding or cutting metal. The dual gauges have high contrast graphics that are extremely easy to read as you make adjustments. The nobs are also very steady and stable so that once you set them, they won’t shift out of place.

Victor’s regulators also come in color-coded designs that make it easy to match the right regulator with its specific type of gas. This is both an advantage for gas cylinder safety and more convenient inventory management. The controls are designed to be easy to grip and move as you work. The goal with these regulators is to focus on your cutting work rather than struggling to get your regulator set up properly.

Effective Cutting and Welding with Victor’s Gas Regulators

Victor’s regulators have been tested by Victor and boast high inlet pressures that make it easy to maintain a high gas flow while you work. This steady flow for a long period of time is what sets a good regulator apart from a lesser model.

Victor’s Gas Regulators Are Safe

Victor’s gas regulators pass or exceed all industry standards and a variety of independent tests, making them among the safest gas regulators on the market. The knob itself on the regulator has shock absorbent features built into it so that it can withstand pressure or impact from a fall. The outer shell of the regulator knob is replaceable should it become damaged in a fall. The internal design is sturdy and designed to ensure that a gas leak will be the last thing on your mind while you work.

A regulator is going to cost some money, but the good news is that the Victor gas regulators at Baker’s Gas and Welding are both ideal for any kind of fuel set up and extremely affordable. You don’t have to compromise safety or performance in order to pick up a leading regulator on the market that makes your work and hobbies easier and more enjoyable.

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