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The Bestselling Gloves for Work and Welding

The Bestselling Gloves for Work and Welding

This month Baker’s is offering a series of promotions for Tillman work and welding gloves. These high quality leather gloves are some of the bestselling products year in, year out. Tillman offers a wide variety of gloves that will be on sale for the month of October, and therefore we’ll provide a run down of the various Tillman gloves available and why you may want to take advantage of this month’s promotion.

Tillman TrueFit Work Gloves

The last thing you want to do with an expensive pair of welding gloves is to ruin them on a non-welding project in your shop. That’s why it’s extremely important to invest in a solid pair of work gloves that will save your welding gloves from getting pierced by a nail or wearing away as you move materials around.

The Tillman 1470 TrueFit Performance Goatskin Work Gloves and 1475 TrueFit Performance Cowhide Work Gloves are the bestselling gloves at Baker’s and provide durability and dexterity for workers with their high quality, top grain leather and solid construction.

Many work gloves fall apart after heavy use, but the top grain goatskin leather used by these Tillman gloves is designed to last longer than any other gloves. Reinforced fingers and carefully placed straps ensure that you’ll be protected while on the job.

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Tillman Welding Gloves

Tillman also provides a full line of welding gloves for stick, TIG, and MIG welding. Tillman’s gloves have consistently been among the industry leaders because they provide solid, premium leather gloves that offer the best protection and durability. The kind of leather glove you choose will depend on what kind of welding work you’ll be performing.

Goatskin welding gloves are extremely flexible and thin, and therefore they’re perfect for TIG welding. If your glove is sown together with Kevlar, you’ll enjoy additional protection since it is able to resist heat. Also look for gloves that are lined with wool or cotton foam for additional safety.

Cowhide is very common for MIG welding gloves, with the top grain cowhide providing great protection. For welders who use stick welders, they’ll also want to look for cowhide or deerhide gloves, but some stick welding gloves will be the split grain since it’s thicker and offers more protection from heat. The general rule is that with all of the spatter and heat from stick welding, a thicker, stiffer glove will be required.

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