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Getting Stuck on Stick Welding

Many welders learn their trade by stick welding with 7018, 6010, and 6011 welding rods. The rods are versatile, easy to work with, and can be used in a variety of situations. If you have a welding project outside, a stick welding rod doesn’t need...

Tips for the Best Looking Stick Welds

Stick welding has a lot of advantages that are easy to overlook, especially since MIG welders have become so popular with many home and hobby welders. For starters, stick welding is relatively cheap and simple to set up.

Welding Project: Weld Your Own Bar

Whether you’re done with work and you want to relax with some friends at home or to put together a memorable party on the weekend, you don’t need a ton of money to buy a huge, fancy bar for your drinks. You just need a...

How to Weld a Bathroom Side Table with Shelves

A bathroom side table is easy to make with a variety of welding processes and with many different materials that you have around your shop. There are plenty of table plans online and many different options of side tables. What follows below is a bathroom


Tips for TIG Welding Aluminum

TIG welding aluminum can be frustrating to the uninitiated, but if you make the right preparations and work on your technique, you can join aluminum together without melting or warping the metal and without wrecking your weld in the process. While you may have the...

Tips for Using a Miller MIG Welding Machine

The Miller Electric welding company manufactures a variety of welding machines that can be used in the home, garage or for industrial uses.  If you are a beginner welder, Miller Electric offers machines that range from a 90-amp output for use with thin gauge welding

Different Types of Welding Rods

Welding rods are necessary in the welding process to add filler metal to the area being welding. In some arc welding methods the welding rod is also used as the electrode. The welding rod is typically made of the same material that the base metals

MIG Welding Techniques

MIG welding, also known as metal inert gas welding is a type of gas metal arc welding.  MIG welding is the most common type of welding process.  MIG welding is a type of arc welding that uses a consumable wire electrode and a shielding gas

Global Study Shows Increased Demand for Welding Equipment, Consumables

Picture Credit: Atlas Services A study released by Frost & Sullivan in September, 2011, shows that the global demand for ARC welding equipment and related consumables increased between 2008 and 2010. The global market for Arc welding and filler eqiupment appears to have recovered and

Different Types of Welding

Welding comes in many forms and techniques, each welding technique has something different to offer and will work better than others on different types of metals.  If you are just becoming interested in welding or have been around for a while and just want a

Welding Thin Using GMAW

Developments in the gas metal arc welding process have found a way to produce almost perfect joints in very thin metal.  In years past, if gas metal arc welding was to be used to weld heat sensitive metal, short circuiting or dip-arc methods needed to

Flux Cored Arc Welding

Flux-cored arc welding, also known as FCAW or FCA, is a semi-automatic or automatic arc welding technique.  Flux-cored arc welding requires the use of a tubular electrode which contains a flux to be continuously fed using a constant voltage of constant current welding power supply. 

Blacksmithing vs. Welding

Welding and Blacksmithing are often associated and compared although they are different industries and require unique skills. This post will break-down the details of what it means to be a blacksmith and how it differs from welding.

Vertical Welding Tips

In a perfect world all surfaces that require welding would be flat; since this is not a perfect world welders are often required to perform welds on many different shapes and sizes of materials.  Field welding and welding that needs to be done on larger

Welding Education: A Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering and what it can do for you

What is Welding Engineering? If you were to reduce the welding process to its core elements, you would discover the process is all about physics—as in the science that explains matter, gravity, velocity, chemistry, biology and the universe at large.


Lincoln Electric Product Selection Expanded

  Lincoln Electric is a very popular company in the welding industry. They supply the equipment and consumables needed for welders around the world to do their jobs.

Tips and Tricks for MIG Welding

MIG welding is a very popular form of welding that is used in many applications. Welding is a challenging career. Veteran welders are always able to use tips that will help make their job easier, and beginning welders can use tips to further their education

EMERGENCY WELDING IN THE FIELD – Arc Welding with Three 12 Volt Car Batteries

When you’re out in the field (which could be anytime in your life when you’re not working in the shop, whether you’re on or off the job), you never know when and where you might need to do some emergency welding. Let’s say you’re into