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A Special Offer for Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Consumables

A Special Offer for Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Consumables

One of the leading brands in the plasma cutter industry is Hypertherm. Baker’s Gas and Welding is once again offering a limited promotion for Hypertherm plasma cutters that have been one of the most popular bargains for welding supplies at the Baker’s site. Baker’s is offering 50% off a consumable kit with a purchase of any Hypertherm Powermax machine.

If you want to take advantage of this special offer for discounted consumables kits, a good place to begin is picking out the best plasma cutter for you. While there is a whole line of Hypertherm plasma cutters to choose from, the Hypertherm Powermax45 is one of the best-selling products in its Powermax line. Its popularity is linked to its portability (1/2”) and cutting speed that make it both effective and versatile. This cutter is ideal for home welders and small shops that make small to medium cuts on a regular (but not constant) basis. Here are a few of the features you can expect to find in a Powermax 45:

Powermax 45 Power Supply Advantages

  • Small size and light weight provide unmatched portability among 1⁄2″ (12 mm)
  • Boost Conditioner™ (on CSA models) compensates for input voltage variations
    on 200 – 240 V lines, providing improved performance on low-line voltage, on
    motor generators and on fluctuating input power.
  • CNC interface and FastConnect™ torch connection increase versatility for
    handheld and mechanized usage.
  • Powercool™ design cools internal components more effectively for greater
    system reliability and improved uptime.

Key Powermax 45 Torch Advantages

  • Conical Flow™ increases arc energy density for superior cut quality with
    little dross.
  • Patented drag-cutting technology makes it easy to use – even for first‑time
  • Dual-angle design extends nozzle life and lowers operating costs.

The Half-OFF Hypertherm Consumable Kit

A plasma cutter is a pretty significant investment, and the cutting tips, which need to be replaced over time, are an expense that can add up. That makes this promotion from Baker’s Gas and Welding such a great deal: you just need to buy the plasma cutter and you can start cutting right away without the additional expense of the consumables. Here’s what comes in the Hypertherm consumable kit:

  • 220669: Electrode – Quantity: 7
  • 220671: Nozzle, Shielded – Quantity: 5
  • 220672: Nozzle, Gouging – Quantity: 1
  • 220718: Nozzle, Unshielded – Quantity: 1
  • 220674: Shield, Shielded – Quantity: 1
  • 220717: Deflector, Unshielded – Quantity: 1
  • 220675: Shield, Gouging – Quantity:1
  • 220670: Swirl Ring – Quantity: 1
  • 220713: Retaining Cap -Quantity: 1

Whatever projects you have in mind for your Hypertherm Powermax 45, this kit will make it easy to start cutting or gouging right away. And if you’re new to using a plasma cutter, isn’t it better to just have everything you may need on hand
right from the start?

For more information about the Powermax 45’s cutting abilities, duty cycle,
and other features, check out the specs at Baker’s Gas and Welding here: Powermax 45. You can find details on the other Hypertherm Powermax machines here: Powermax  30; Powermax 65; Powermax 85.

Ed Cyzewski


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