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Hypertherm Powermax SYNC One-Piece Cartridge Consumables

Hypertherm Powermax SYNC One-Piece Cartridge Consumables

The Hypertherm SYNC cartridges with built in intelligence are here to stay. If you are purchasing a 65 amp or higher Hypertherm Powermax machine it will only be compatible with the new SYNC consumables. They have fully replaced the traditional 5 piece stack up. We are here to break down everything you need to know about the SYNC cartridge set up for your system!

SYNC Consumables

Hypertherm Hand Torch Consumables

If you are looking to confirm consumable options for your Powermax hand system you need to make sure you are getting the right part number. The best way to confirm is to check out the Specification sheet chart or shop our SYNC hand consumable collection. From there select the amperage or specialty type needed. 

Drag cutting, FineCut and FlushCut are the three options for hand systems. 

Hand SYNC Consumables

Hypertherm Mechanized Torch Consumables

Machine torch system consumables or often referred to as mechanized consumables follow the same pattern and actually look quite similar to hand consumables. The gray cartridges come in the same amperage range options check out our mechanized collection. Just like the standard consumables you can select to get an OHMIC ring kit (This contains three hight sensing rings) The ring clips right on the mechanized cartridge to find the surface of the workpiece before each cut. 

Mechanized SYNC

Hypertherm Gouging Consumables

When the SYNC gouging cartridge is installed the machine will automatically switch to gouging mode. (assuming you are using on a Powermax SYNC unit) To gouge Hypertherm recommends holding the torch at a 40 degree angle with about a 1/4 inch space from the workpiece. For the complete getting started with gouging cartridges check out this page.

Gouging with SYNC

Hypertherm FlushCut Consumables

For the best results with the FlushCut cartridges (black) you will align the flat part of the consumable with the base plate about 1/4 in away. You can remove and spin the consumable to get the proper alignment. Check out this video for more tips on Flush cutting with Powermax SYNC.

FlushCut SYNC


The Powermax SYNC cartridge is embedded with a RFID chip. This communicates with the system and can even push through to an application on your phone. The technology pushes the system to the correct settings and has the ability to track cuts for valuable data.

It captures things like air pressure, arc-on time, and arc transfer as the user uses the cartridge. Critical information for consistencies and trouble shooting when there is a drop or change in statistics. 

SYNC technology

SYNC Costs and Benefits 

The cartridges you will notice will be listed at the same price at all retailers. This is because Hypertherm has protected their investment with a MRP policy. ($10 Million Dollar investment to be specific) Unilateral Minimum Resale Price Policy states all distributors are to sell these parts at the Hypertherm suggested price. So you will not be paying more or less buying at Baker's but as always free shipping and expert advise and service to keep your plasma running. 

Benefits are pretty clear cut! Color coded one piece cartridges save time, eliminate set up errors, and inventory is more manageable for consumables. If you do not have SYNC system and want to use the new consumables on your Duramax hand or mechanized torch you just will need this adapter. 

SmartSYNC Torches 

The SYNC consumable line up is the standard on all the Powermax 65, 85 and 105 plasma cutters. Both mechanized and hand systems include the SmartSYNC torches which communicate directly with the machine for optimized and efficient cutting. 

Operator can change out consumables with a quick twist on and off installation without returning to the power supply. The machine automatically recognizes and sets the machine based on the installed cartridge. According to Hypertherm a consumable replacement should take about 10 seconds. 

SmartSync Torch

Benefits on a SmartSYNC torch apply for the handheld, mechanized and robotic jobs. Time and room for operator error has significantly been reduced with this technology. 

Overall Review SYNC Consumables 

We are pretty hyped about the new technology. It has been out for about 6 months now and we have not had issues or customer complaints. Outside of the higher price point and overall supply chain challenges this year we are impressed with the quality. 

We have a SYNC 65 in our demo room. We are working on a complete video review but still testing some things! If you want to learn more or have questions please reach out or shop our Hypertherm Collection. We stock, support and service Hypertherm and are an authorized online retailer. 

Check out our Blog Post on the Powermax SYNC machines! 

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