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Hypertherm Powermax SYNC has arrived - cutting edge technology? Is it worth it?

Hypertherm Powermax SYNC info & comparison

Hypertherm has always been cutting edge when it comes to plasma. This particular change they have been developing for over 10 years. Simpler, smarter, and the same quality cuts you love from a Hypertherm unit. The way you work and cut will change with this technology. The biggest difference is the technology and link of consumables to your unit. We will break down all of the changes and answer all your questions here.

Out with the old in with the NEW SYNC

Yes, it's true you can no longer order the traditional Powermax 65, 85 or 105's. They have moved in production on the new SYNC units. This is new technology to the industrial space but not new for Hypertherm. In development for over 10 years with over 110 patents. 

The proprietary connection and use of RFID to connect to the Powermax unit sets this apart from any other plasma on the market today. There is a Hypertherm app that connects to the individual consumable. The app shows you productivity, cut statistics, and end of life information making it easier for the user to track results. 

Cartridge Consumables

When they say simple they mean simple. Change only one consumable out vs the traditional 5 piece system. This means less time, less confusion, and more time getting the job done. There is more than one cartridge available depending on your set up. They have Hand, Mechanized, Gouging and Flush Cut cartridges right now. All color coded for easy identification and designed to evenly wear so there is virtually no waste or knowledge needed to know when to change that cartridge. 

Hypertherm Powermax Cartridge Consumables
Already have a newer unit and want to use the SYNC consumables? All you need is this adapter and you can use these on current systems. 
To learn more about the one piece cartridge consumables check out our SYNC Cartridge Guide. 

There is no upgrade in life that comes without a cost. This SYNC cartridge comes in at a price point of about $53+ each. Which seems like a heavy increase compared to changing your electrodes and nozzles when needed. (We thought so too!) We did some math for you and here is what we found. 

Current Powermax 65 Hand Consumables - Electrode, Nozzle, Shield, Swirl Ring, Retaining cap "market price" by the each comes out to about:

Electrode: $8

Nozzle: $7

Swirl Ring: $18

Shield: $14

Retaining Cap: $28

**Average current pricing for the purpose of an example**

We took a few end user usage numbers (considering 4 to 1 ratio on change out for electrodes and nozzles to the rest of the consumables) The medium user came out to a cost of approximately $275 in consumables. We took that same customers usage numbers and put in the SYNC consumable. $53 for the one consumable cartridge. It came out to about $265. So it is about the same ($10 less in this example) on the actual consumable cost or a little less considering the efficiency and time saved in changing, purchasing and organizing the 5 separate parts in the previous Powermax set up. 

There is an add on item needed to connect the consumables to the app which is about $40 but does not need to be replaced each time you change a cartridge. This will track your actual cost and gains because it will show things like performance metrics, starts and arc-on time.

System Comparison 

The systems actually have the same cut capacity but a few more options when it comes to torch set up and a lot more technology. Here is a nice chart breakdown. Keep in mind these are on pre order so if you want to get your hands on one first let us know. 

Overview of Benefits 

The SYNC plasma systems are smarter than any plasma cutter on the market. What you do with the benefits is up to you. Spend less time changing consumables and more time working what makes your business thrive. 

This is part 1 of a series on the new SYNC! We have more comparisons, video demo, and more coming soon! Here is a video showing the SYNC consumables connecting to a Powermax 65, adapter and SmartSYNC torch.

Marta L.

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