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Hypertherm Powermax Plasma Cutter Selection Guide - Which cutter is right for you?

Powermax 45 plasma cutting

When selecting a plasma cutter there are many things to consider. With the wide range of offerings from Hypertherm, there is a plasma cutter for almost every application. Read more below to see which one would be right for you.

Powermax 105 SYNC

1) Hand or Machine Torch?

There are many Powermax systems that can do both hand cutting and automated machine cutting. The first step is to decide whether you need hand cutting, automated cutting, or both. Once you have done that, the next step is finding a machine that is powerful enough to cut for you either way. 

An example of this is cutting a 1" plate from an edge start. With hand cutting you would be able to use a smaller system than if you were automated cutting. Since the automated cutting would need to be able to pierce that plate completely instead of an edge start. 

2) What material are you cutting?

Hypertherm's cutting ratings are based on carbon steel. If you are cutting a different material consistently, it is recommended to get a machine about 10%-20% more powerful than the carbon steel rating.

With hand cutting it is best to get a machine with a recommended cut rating of what you will be cutting 80% of the time. Take a look at the cutting capacity ratings from Hypertherm below.

Hypertherm Powermac cut capacity guide

Powermax Capacity Ratings explained 3) What electrical service do you have?

Another critical component to choosing the right plasma cutter is knowing what your incoming/input power is.  The line voltage, phase, and breaker size should be considered when selecting your cutter. 

If you plan to power your Powermax system with an engine drive, make sure your generator is pushing the required kilowatts. The kilowatt requirements for each machine can be referenced in the graph above. If you use a generator providing less than the required kilowatts the Powermax will not perform ideally.

4) Do you have compressed gas?

Powermax systems require some sort of compressed gas to operate. You can choose between air, nitrogen, or F5 gases. Air is the most commonly used gas. It is very important to make sure the gas is clean, dry, and free of contaminants. We highly recommend using the Hypertherm Eliminizer Air Filtration Kit for your Powermax system.

The Powermax lineup of plasma cutters are the most popular plasma cutters that we sell. The reliability and innovative technology of Hypertherm's systems have made them a leader in plasma technology. If you have any additional questions on the Powermax lineup or what machine may be best for you, reach out to our support team! Support can be reached at 877-930-5690 or by emailing us at support@bakersgas.com.

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