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A Hypertherm Powermax Plasma Cutter for Every Kind of Metal

A Hypertherm Powermax Plasma Cutter for Every Kind of Metal

Getting the best deal on a plasma system is simple with Baker's.  You can pick up a consumable kit at 50% off with the purchase of a Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutter. Plus discounts on many other accessories in the drop-down. 

Plasma cutters are ideal for any welding shop because they are far safer to use than an oxy-fuel setup, provide cleaner cuts, and leave minimal dross to clean up. Plasma cutters are also more portable for a variety of jobs since you don’t have to worry about securing fuel tanks for oxy-fuel cutting.

There are four models of Hypertherm’s Powermax, and the right model for you will depend on what you need to cut and where you plan to cut it. To get an idea of which machine is best for your current application, we’re going to compare the basic Powermax 30 to the fully featured Powermax 85 and take note of some features that stand out for each machine.

Hypertherm Powermax 30 

The Powermax 30 is a great plasma cutter for welders who need to cut relatively thin metal such as mild steel or aluminum that ranges between 1/4” and 3/8”(the severance rating is 1/2”). In addition, you can run this plasma cutter on either 110V or 220V so that you can both take advantage of its punch and use it at home without a 220V power supply.

With the Powermax you get advanced inverter technology and full Digital Signal Processing for better control and a cleaner cut. In addition, it’s really easy to set up with its auto-voltage capability that automatically adapts to incoming power that ranges from 120V to 230V. If you’re used to cutting with an oxy-fuel set up, you’ll be surprised at how fast you’re able to cut with this basic Powermax 30.

If you need to cut for a longer period of time, you’ll get a 50% duty cycle in the Powermax 30 that outperforms many competitors who can’t match its cutting time. With its tapered 70-degree torch you’ll also have a better view of the cutting arc and will have an easier time cutting out of position and in hard-to-reach areas.

While the Powermax 30 is a little limited in what it can cut compared to a machine like the 85, it only weighs 20 pounds, making it extremely portable with its carrying strap. The cables have points that are designed to make them easy to wrap up so they aren’t damaged while in transit.

Learn more about the Hypertherm Powermax 30 today.

If you are looking for the Powermax with the built in air that would be the Powermax 30 air! Similar system but with the air built in. 

Hyperthem Powermax 85

The Powermax 85 is the top of the line plasma cutter from Hypertherm, offering a ton of cutting power that can slice through 1” to 1.25” mild steel or aluminum with a severance rating up to 1.5”. If you’re doing heavy duty fabrication or professional welding on a regular basis, the Powermax 85 is the machine to check out. But it’s not just about the power.

The Powermax 85 also provides four Duramax torch styles that give tremendous versatility while you cut and make it easy to adapt to the various jobs that will come your way. In addition, you’ll get the Smart Sense technology that takes account of your cutting mode and torch lead in order to adjust your gas pressure in order to deliver the cleanest, fastest cut possible. Since it’s designed for regular cutting use, the handle of the Powermax 85 is more heat resistant and has been designed to handle high impact situations on the work site.

The other great feature of any plasma cutter is the ability to make cleaner cuts with minimal wasted metal melting off. The Powermax 85 has a particularly concentrated heat cone that concentrates the flow of your arc for a minimally affected area.

Learn more about the Hypertherm Powermax 85 today.

Overall, Hypertherm’s plasma cutters are designed with extremely simple and durable components that are designed to go the distance. If anything goes wrong, it comes with a 3-year warranty that will cover any repairs needed for your power supply. The torch is covered by a 1-year warranty. That makes the Powermax a smart buy today and a great investment for the future whether you need to cut metal on the weekends in your garage or whether you need something reliable for everyday use.

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