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Cut Cleaner with Hypertherm’s Flushcut Consumables

Cut Cleaner with Hypertherm’s Flushcut Consumables


When welders and metal workers need clean, precise ways to cut metal, to chop off bolts, or to make custom cuts on projects, the latest flushcut consumables from Hypertherm provide a simple and efficient solution for plasma cutters. While a plasma cutter offers a lot of power and effectiveness with cuts, there’s always a risk of cutting through the metal.

Flushcut consumables from Hypertherm fit onto existing plasma cutter torches and angle the cut to make sure the metal workpiece is preserved. Here are a few notes on what you can expect from these new parts from Hypertherm:

Applications for FlushCut Consumables

The flushcut kits are ideal for cutting bolts, t-joints, i-hooks, rivets, and anything else that needs to be cut at plate level. While a oxyfuel torch has typically been used for these projects, the flush cut consumable option makes it possible to cut faster and cleaner. Clean up and damage to the workpiece will be minimal.

Installation and Replacement of FlushCut Consumables

The flush cut consumables fit right on the torch with five simple parts to assemble. Used properly, they will last a long time. The cap rides flush along the metal, enabling the torch to cut at a clean 45 degree angle that minimizes electrode wear. However, the electrode and the cutting tip may need to replaced over time since they absorb the majority of the heat while working.

Comparisons of Cutting Processes for Welders and Fabricators

While the ideal application for flushcut consumables will be a thicker piece of metal, since thin metal could be burned through using this process, it offers several advantages compared to oxyfuel cutting and gouging. For instance, oxyfuel requires purging and preheating, while also delivering less precise results.

Since the heat affected zone is significantly smaller compared the oxyfuel cutting, the cut will be more precise and require fewer passes. The cut will be cleaner, requiring less clean up, saving on time and materials.

Compatible Plasma Cutters from Hypertherm

The flushcut consumable package will work on the following Hypertherm Plasma Cutters:

System Recommended: 
Powermax125® 125 Amps, Duramax® Hyamp
Powermax105® 105 Amps, Duramax®
Powermax85® 45 Amps, Duramax®
Powermax65® 45 Amps, Duramax®
Powermax45® XP 45 Amps, Duramax®

Learn More about the Flush Cut Consumables from Hypertherm

Watch a video on the Baker’s YouTube channel in order to see flushcut consumables in action with a Hypertherm plasma cutter. You’ll see a variety of applications for these consumables and learn about details for their assembly and use.

Review the specs and details of the flushcut consumables at the Hypertherm website.

Purchase a set of flushcut consumables from Baker’s Gas and Welding at our industry-leading discounts and take your cutting and fabrication work to the next level


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