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3 Outdoor Patio Furniture Welding Projects

3 Outdoor Patio Furniture Welding Projects

If you’ve ever picked up some patio furniture from the store, there’s a good chance that some of the welds will start rusting after a few years. Going to the store for wicker or plastic patio furniture that can start splitting apart and shredding before too long can also be frustrating. The best option for long-lasting patio furniture, for many beginner or experienced welders, will be figuring out their own patio furniture welding projects.

Indoor Picnic Style Table

We’ve been searching for welding projects that will take your patio a cut above the rest, and we also have plenty of past outdoor welding projects here and here. With some careful planning, picking up a few basic materials and adding in a cushion or two from your local home improvement or garden supply store, you can put together top quality patio furniture that will be sturdy, long lasting and comfortable. Here’s a roundup with a few ideas to get you started:

Equipment for Patio Furniture Welding Projects

Many of the projects we are sharing call for a MIG welder, cutting saw, angle grinder, drill, and clamps. If you opt for working with wood in addition to your metal parts, consider a sander, blades and maybe some nails or screws.

In order to prevent the weld joints from rusting, you’ll also want to be ready to clean them properly and smooth them out if necessary, which you can typically do with an angle grinder. You should consider what grit sandpaper and what type of cleaner for the finish work. Finally, you may opt for spray paint or some other finishing option for the metal and/or wood that may call for brushes and other painting supplies.

Patio Bench Welding Project

Lincoln at home Bench Project

Starting off, we have some very detailed plans from Lincoln Electric for a patio bench. This very simple project has some subtle angles and cuts that are worth noting. A slight angle to the bench can make a big difference between comfort and rigidity. Here is the material list:

  • 4 feet of 2 x 4 16 ga. box tubing
  • 30 feet of 2 x 2 16 ga. box tubing
  • 16 feet of 1 inch 16 ga. flat stock
  • 40 feet of 1 x 4 hardwood
  • ¾-inch wood screws
  • Wipe-on polyurethane
  • Clear spray lacquer

The design of the metal bars will hold the wood slats in place, and the angle of your cuts will be essential in getting the correct angle for the sitting area. Use the flat stock to support the wooden slats. Keep in mind that you won’t need extra support if you cut the wood shorter, but if you run the wood across the length of the bench, plan to add support in the middle.

Patio Table Welding Project

Welded Picnic table frame

This picnic table or patio table is a simple square tube design that is sturdy and can be placed just about anywhere you like, provided you don’t mind moving it! If you think of a series of large capital “i’s”, this picnic table welding project has a large base with two square metal tube posts rising  up from the center.

While it’s up to you how you want to finish the wood for the table top or the seats, make sure that the square metal tubing is sturdy enough for the size of the table and benches.

Patio Chair

Welding Patio Chair project

Take your outdoor area to the next level with this simple patio chair that offers simplicity and some fun style. Square metal tubing is once again your friend, as you’ll weld a sturdy base for this chair and then apply your lessons about making a frame for the wooden slats of the seat from the bench project above.

Some people even add a spring to these seats for a bit of a bounce and more of a whimsical style. You’ll need a way to drill into the metal tubing where the seat meets the metal coming up from the base if you want it to be able to bounce on the spring with some sort of hinge.

Welding Supplies for Projects

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I love that the simple spring chair you mentioned in your article because I agree that it would add a whimsical appeal to my outdoor area, plus offers comfortable seating options. I’ll show this to my husband and later to see if he can do it on his own with the help of your guide. If it’s too complicated for him, we’ll just hire a welding service nearby to have it made for us. Thanks a lot! http://albanesewelding.com/

Levi Armstrong

Working with some scouts at church and would love to make the square picnic table. The link under it is not working. Can you send me dimensions and material list and any other details. Thank you so much. Pastor Sam

Samuel Rando

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