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5 Welding Projects To Get Ready For Spring

5 Welding Projects To Get Ready For Spring

If you live in a northern state, snow may still be piled up outside your window, your patio covered in a frigid wet mess. In the thick of February it’s hard to believe that spring will ever come, but the truth is that sunny days will be here before you know it.

One way to weather through the rest of winter is to turn your thoughts and your welding projects to the outdoor activities that come with warmer weather. Along these lines, the welding pros and Baker’s Gas and Welding have prepared a list of welding projects to help you prepare for the green gardens and killer cookouts that are just a few months away.

Oil Barrel Patio Chair Welding Project

Create one-of-a-kind seating for your outdoor space by turning empty oil barrels into comfortable and colorful chairs. Start by cutting your barrel into the outline of your finished chair, grinding your edges smooth as you go. Next, weld the discarded lid of your barrel onto the frame of your chair to create a seat. To finish this welding project, you’ll need a cushion, spray paint and perhaps some rubber stiping to ensure your edges never cut or snag your friends and family. This is a great welding project for flea markets, craft shows and boutiques.

Hose Hanger Welding Project

If your garden hose often winds up in the mud or strung across your yard, solve that problem by welding your own hose hanger. One popular idea for this welding project involves creating a hanger from discarded horseshoes, a favorite scrap welding materials. You’ll need 6 horseshoes and some pipe for this project, three shoes for the front and three for the back. This works best if you vary the horseshoes with the first one upside right, the next upside down and the last upside right. Ensure that your front and back are congruent and then weld them together with the pipe of metal tubing in 4 places to create a space to wind up your garden hose. Of course horseshoes aren’t the only material for this project, your imagination is the only limit.

Fire Pit Welding Project

We’ve done entire posts on the different ways you can weld your own backyard fire pit, but this project deserves a spot on the list. One of the best ways to gather friends and neighbors on summer nights is with cold drinks around a backyard fire pit. This is a great beginner welding project and the internet is full of unique ways you can customize your piece. Some great material ideas include: tire rims, scrap washer tubs, industrial chain horseshoes (of course) or metal sheeting.

Garden Trellis Welding Project

If you’re looking for ways to use your welding skills to spruce up your garden, we have an entire welding project post on that topic. One welding project that can make a  big impact on your landscape is a trellis. Garden trellises can be merely decorative or truly functional, supporting your tomatoes and climbing plants while adding dimension and beauty to your outdoor space. Consider adding a few platforms for container gardening or even a place to hang trowels and gardening tools. This is a great way to use scrap metal and another welding project that has been shown to sell well at flea markets and garden boutiques.

Garage Storage Welding Project

This may not be a glamourous option, but everyone knows how quickly a garage floor can become cluttered with bikes, tools, scraps and cardboard. Whatever your garage organization issues, why not use your welding skills as the solution? If you struggle to keep your recycling organized, weld a rack for your sorting bins. If your kids basketballs and bikes prevent you from parking in your garage or having space for welding projects, weld racks so they can easily put them where they belong. If all else fails, start by welding durable shelving with hooks and see what an impact a well-organized garage space can make on your summer fun.

Welding Supplies for Projects

Another way to get ready for spring is to stock your shop with the tools and equipment you’ll need to keep honing your welding skills. Baker’s Gas and Welding has all the supplies you need from professional grade welders to top of the line safety gear. Every order over $50 ships free nationwide and our current promotions include rebates of up to $700 on both Miller and Lincoln machines (at time of writing) and a free Yeti cup with select purchases.


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