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5 Practical and Attractive Table Welding Projects

One of the most useful and simple welding projects you can undertake as you hone your skills is that of constructing a table. The uses for a table are obviously endless and can be applied to your home decor, outdoor living space, garage, or workshop.

When it comes to materials, you can get as creative as you like, especially with the tabletop. Consider using rustic wood, steel or glass to adorn your welded frame.

Here are 5 amazing ideas to get your welding gears turning as you consider which of these stunning projects you’d like to take on first.

Work Table Welding Project

Every welder needs a table to work on; it is an essential part of setting up a workspace that will suit your needs. Start with a 3 inches square steel tube at ¬ľ inch thick. Cut your table legs to a customized height that will serve you well in your welding work. Use a 4 x 8 sheet of steel that is √ʂĶŇď inch thick for your tabletop. This will ensure a sturdy work surface. Using a MIG, stick, or TIG welder, attach your legs to your tabletop and consider adding a support area at the bottom that will stabilize your table as well as provide an area for storage.

Coffee Table Welding Project

Use your welding skills to create a coffee table for either yourself or as a gift for a wedding or Christmas gift. Use rustic metal tubing or even pipe to create your coffee table base and try out aged wood for your coffee table top. Consider welding pulley or castor wheels to the bottom to help you create that trendy, sought after industrial look. This would not only be a great piece for your living room, but a marketable idea to sell online or at a local home decor boutique.

Matching End Table Welding Project

In the same vein as the coffee table project, create a matching set of slightly taller end tables for your living room or as a gift. You will find that glass can also be a great choice as a tabletop. It creates a stunning contrast to the industrial look of your welded metal base and doesn’t require staining or varnish.

Bar Table Welding Project

Using metal tubing and reclaimed wood, weld a high-top table that can be pushed against a wall in a kitchen, dining room or restaurant. Using the same materials as your frame, weld a footrest area along the bottom to create both style and comfort for your bar table. Construct the tabletop by joining multiple boards or barn wood or by using a single piece of wood. Be sure to varnish your top and allow it to cure before using to preserve your piece for long-term use.

Steel Drum Outdoor Table Welding Project

Outdoor living space has become a lot more than just a couple of haphazardly placed lawn chairs. Porches and patios are now styled with comfortable seating and as you settle in you will now have a place to set your snack or beverage. Consider welding yourself an outdoor living table to add comfort and style to your deck. You can do this using traditional materials or get creative and use painted steel drums or found materials as your base. Be sure to use spray paint or polyurethane your material to protect them from the elements and consider taking your outdoor furniture indoors or covering it for the winter.

Top Notch Welding Supplies for Welding Projects

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