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3 Welding Projects to Spring Clean Your Shop

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No matter how much or how little snow is on the ground in your part of the country, spring will be here before you know it. When the weather begins to warm up, most of us get the urge to clean, organize, and prepare for a new season of outdoor projects. Winter can leave your shop in need of a thorough cleaning and organizational overhaul.

If your workspace could use a good spring cleaning, consider a few of these easy welding projects to help you with a smart setup for your shop:

Scrap Rack Welding Project

You don’t to need be a welder for long to accumulate a sizable pile of scraps, which may come in handy for future projects. Don’t let storage challenges lead to waste in your shop, create smart solutions so you always have what you need on hand.

To weld a vertical scrap rack you’ll want to use square steel tubing for your frame and ⅜ inch metal tubing or rebar for your horizontal racks, and expanded steel or plate steel for your base. Clamp your pieces and weld them into place using the best dimensions for your unique workspace.

Vice Grip & Clamp Rack Welding Project

When you need a clamp you want to have it handy, which means smart storage and organization is a must. There a many ways to weld a rack for your clamps and grips, but one of the easiest is to make a hanging rack from 1 x 2 rectangular tubing and flat bar.

Start by cutting a â…ś inch slit in the center of your rebar, along the length of your rack. This will allow you to hang your clamps and grips from the handles.

Finish by bending your flat bar to a 90 degree angle and attaching it to either end of your tubing before hanging it in an easy to access spot.

Air Tool Rack Welding Project

Keep your air tools at your fingertips with this super simple tool rack/garage hack which hangs your air tools vertically, from the fittings. For this welding project you’ll need 120” angle iron, a punch, a 3” cut-off tool, and the right drill bit.

Start by marking your metal to determine the best spacing for your tools and mark your spots with a punch. Next, you’ll want to cut your angle iron to meet your dimensions and determine the size of the fittings you plan on hanging. You want to create a slot just wide enough to hold your tool, but not too big that it falls through.

Grab the drill bit that matches your tool fitting size and use a pneumatic drill to make your hold. Finish your notch with a 3” cut-off tool that will create the tracks you need to hang your tools.

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