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The Difference Smart MIG Makes on the ESAB Rebel

The Difference Smart MIG Makes on the ESAB Rebel

With the introduction of multiprocess welders such as Miller’s Multimatic and the ESAB Rebel, welders can do more with with a single welding machine. However, with all of those capabilities, welders certainly don’t want to sacrifice the quality of their welds. Enter the ESAB Rebel…

ESAB Rebel 205

When it comes to the quality of MIG welds, a variety of factors come into play in particular, such as the wire speed, amperage settings, and the material thickness. That doesn’t even get into factors such as arc angle or travel speed. With the latest ESAB Rebel models, MIG welding just got a whole lot easier with its Smart MIG (sMIG) technology that helps new and experienced welders fine tune their settings by simply entering your wire and metal thickness. Here’s a look at the ways that sMIG can help with your welding projects.

A Smarter MIG Welder Interface

The high resolution screen that comes with the new ESAB Rebel is user friendly and high resolution, making it especially easy to figure out your settings. This large 4.3 inch screen offers a higher pixel density, a bright display, and multiple language options for welders. If you’re going to use the sMIG technology that comes with the Rebel, you’ll find the display a breeze to use.

The “sMIG” MIG Welding Process

Your settings for MIG welding will be determined by the type of metal you’re welding, the metal’s thickness, and the wire you’re using, and with the Rebel’s sMIG function you need to simply input these details in order to set your parameters. The Rebel makes it easy to start welding steel, stainless steel, chrome-moly, or aluminum once you’ve entered your metal type and wire thickness.

This ability to adapt right to any MIG welding job saves beginner’s a lot mistakes, such as running too hot or too cold. You’ll be able to start welding or switch projects much faster as well with the sMIG feature. For experienced welders who are used to figuring out their parameters on their own, they can still use the sMIG function and then, as needed, modify the settings. Depending on the situation, you may need to tweak the voltage, modify the wire speed, or fine tune your inductance for better arc stability, and the Rebel makes all of that simple to do.

How sMIG Works for Welders

While it’s up to you to use the right parameters for the metal and wire you’re working with, not to mention shielding gas for solid wire MIG welding, the sMIG then goes to work with its unique built-in algorithm that bases the settings on your parameters and technique. It will continue to adapt and alter the settings so that you can weld faster and better, allowing you to focus on your angle and welding speed.

We made a video to demonstrate the difference sMIG makes for the welder.

Are You Smarter Than sMIG? 

While experienced welders report faster welding process and improved welding results as the sMIG functions optimizes their amperage and wire speed, you can still set up the Rebel to your own preferred wire speed and voltage settings. You’ll also benefit from set run-in speed, adjustments to burn-back control, and program timers for the nitty gritty welding jobs.

Get the Best Prices on the ESAB Rebel

If you want to land the best prices on a cutting edge multiprocess welder from an industry leader, visit the ESAB Rebel page. You’ll find reviews, add-on products to enhance your welding set up, and a full range of welding supplies and safety gear that come with customer reviews and full product specs. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed and you’ll have a 3 year warranty to protect your investment.

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Still not sure? Check out this overview of the Rebel…

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