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Protect Your Welder with the ESAB Ironclad Pledge

Protect Your Welder with the ESAB Ironclad Pledge

ESAB, a welding company that has a history of innovation and problem solving, has confidence in its products and a commitment to put customers first. These are on display with it’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed in the first 100 days of purchasing a product and a series of extensive warranties called the “Iron Clad Pledge.” Even better, you can learn below a lot more about saving big with rebates and sales that will last a limited time.

While we don’t see customers taking up ESAB on their offer to return a welding machine, ESAB’s confidence and commitment to the needs of its customers ensures that they have little to worry about when trying out a new ESAB welding machine, helmet, or other welding product. Here are a few reasons why you should consider an ESAB product for your next purchase:

The Iron Clad Pledge Warranty

Every ESAB product is rigorously tested and designed to meet the needs of customers for their welding and cutting needs. However, once a product is sold, ESAB believes in providing attentive customer support and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed within the first 100 days of purchase or you can return the product for store credit.

The Iron Clad Pledge warranties on welding machines and welding helmets are typically three years, while the warranties on welding supplies are 12 months from the date of shipping. In addition, welding torches and other accessories are often covered by a 90 day warranty, while other parts, such as welding helmet cartridges, offer a 1 year warranty.

Welding filler metals are covered by a 12-month warranty, and ESAB also provides storage guidelines to guarantee they last for as long as possible. From start to finish, ESAB ensures that customers get the most out of their welding machine and welding supply purchase.

Burn and Earn: Save on ESAB Machines and More!

Whether you want cash back or a discounted/free welding helmet, the latest Burn and Earn promotion at Baker’s Gas and Welding offers a $50 rebate with the Rebel EMP 215ic, Rebel EM 215ic, and the Rebel EM 235ic. The Rebel EMP 235ic and the Rebel 285ic offer a $100 rebate (or a foot pedal or a TIG torch).

All machines listed above have the option of adding on a FREE ESAB Sentinel welding helmet, while other models offer a discounted welding helmet.

There are additional rebate savings on welding supplies, a $25 rebate, and the Cutmaster 60i and Cutmaster 58 plasma cutters, at $100 and $75 respectively. If you’re looking for a higher end TIG welder, save $400 with the rebate on the ET 220i and the ET 301i TIG welders.

What Makes the ESAB Rebel Unique?

The Rebel line of multiprocess welding machines includes models that are truly multiprocess with AC TIG and offer a truly portable weight, with some machines weighing only 53 lbs. The Rebel is the ideal go anywhere, weld anything machine that can switch to any power source on the fly.

The Rebel line also offers its unique Smart MIG technology (sMIG) that learns from and adapts to each user’s preferences, making it easier to repeat common welds and to adapt your machine as you go. It’s ultra-tough roll cage design is durable and rugged, while the color display is extremely bright and easy to use.

If you already have a welding helmet in your shop, you can choose to save an additional $80 on your welding supplies by adding the Baker’s Bonus to your purchase where you’ll find gloves, consumables, electrodes, and wires to precisely match your machine, setting you up to weld right from the start.

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