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ESAB Rebel 205 AC/DC Yes- it TIG welds aluminum!

ESAB Rebel 205 AC/DC Yes- it TIG welds aluminum!

The ESAB Rebel 205ic is now in stock and there are big incentives to make a move! This machine handles all processes with MIG, AC/DC TIG, Stick and Flux-Cored welding. Baker's Gas has a nice savings option and add on value bundle to get you everything you need!

Baker's 205 SPECIAL  (Free 2nd Regulator in Baker's Bundle, $200 in savings, & more!) 

Rebel 205ic AC/DC Quick Specs

  • Handles all processes with MIG, AC/DC TIG, Stick, and Flux-Cored Welding.
  • LiftTIG + High Frequency Start.
  • sMIG Functionality to get you welding sooner.
  • Easy to use LED Screen.
  • Durable roll cage design and portable at only 49 lbs.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • 3 Year Warranty.
The ESAB Rebel 205ic Is Really All-Process

There are plenty of all-in-one or multi-process welders on the market but the 205 has a lot more to offer. The new ESAB 205ic can genuinely cover all welding process, including DC TIG and AC TIG welding applications. 

MIG and Stick on this machine are rugged like all Rebels and ready to handle even 6010 stick electrode! 

This isn’t just passable TIG welding. The AC/DC TIG welding option on the 205ic has a wide range of applications, from home welding projects to industrial TIG welding work. The precision and control of the Rebel results in clean welds that require minimal cleaning or grinding. There’s also standard AC TIG features such as high frequency starts, balance adjustment, and frequency adjustment and pulse--making it ideal for welding aluminum.

There’s also a solenoid hookup option on the front for TIG setups. If you pick up the Rebel 205ic at the Baker’s Gas and Welding online store, you can easily add additional accessories and welding supplies for the perfect TIG setup. The TIG options really stand out in our video review:

Speed Up with Smart MIG (sMIG) Welding Options

Whether you’re a rookie or a long time welding pro, sMIG continuously learns and adapts how you weld in order to provide a stable arc so that your welds increase productivity. Welders who are just getting their feet under them report that sMIG option is real time saver as they figure out which settings are optimal. Advanced welders appreciate the quick set up time with the smart MIG. Repeatable good welds every time!

A Rugged, Easy to Use, Versatile Multi-Process Welder

The Rebel offers stick welding in addition to MIG and TIG processes, so you can take this machine anywhere you need to work on a repair or tackle a tough job. This welding machine is 49 pounds, so it’s easy to carry from site to site. A heavy duty roll cage and handle offer peace of mind and more secure carrying options. 

While arc flashes are quite bright, this machine is much easier on the eyes, offering a large display screen and a higher pixel density for superior clarity. There are four memory options that can be programmed, while the display makes it a snap to adjust trim, inductance control, pre/post flow, and spot welding. 

All parts and the user’s manual are listed in a variety of languages on the display screen at the twist of a dial. If you’re changing a wire spool, there’s an LED light built right into the machine. 

Save more with the Baker's Bundle

Place your order today for the ESAB Rebel 205ic, and you can add on the extensive Baker’s Bundle starting pack that offers everything you need and then some! (This is on top of the other BONUS offer's Baker's is offering in the drop downs on the machine and accessories) 

Baker's Bundle
  • ESAB Consumable Kit .030-.035 -1299E205 -Value $90
  • Aristorod .030 11# - 1A5008460H - $40 Value
  • Aristorod .035 11# - 1A5009460H - $40 Value
  • ESAB VacPac 7018-1 Prime Stick Electrode 5/32" - $13 Value 
  • MIG Welding Plier - $29 Value
  • Nozzle Gel - $7
  • Blue Demon Acetone Wipe - Value $3
  • BONUS: ESAB Flowmeter Regulator - VIC0781-2743 $234 Value

Total Value of $456 You just pay: $249

*2nd Regulator in Baker's Bundle is limited time only! 

ESAB Rebel 205ic In Action

The ESAB Rebel 205ic has been highly reviewed by customers and we will continue to post content and feedback. Check out our latest video we made using the 205 to make a phone stand!

To learn more or to get a custom quote contact us. 

Ed Cyzewski


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