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Better Industrial Welding and Fabrication with the Miller Deltaweld 350 with Intellx Feeder

Miller Electric’s Deltaweld 350 MIG welding power source and Intellx series wire feeders are designed for a wide range of general welding, manufacturing, and fabrication applications. Designed for optimum output, efficiency, and convenience, the Delta Weld 350 is easy to set up, accurately adjusts to your parameters, and delivers clean, accurate professional quality welds.

How to Choose Between Miller’s Multimatic and Millermatic Welders

Miller Electric has introduced some of the strongest competitors in the welding machine market with the new Multimatic 255 and Millermatic 255 MIG welder. These new machines have been highly rated so far for versatility, portability and performance. 

Is It Time to Upgrade to the Millermatic 252 MIG Welder?

For welders and fabricators looking for a powerful and durable MIG welding machine that is easy to set up, use, and clean up, the Millermatic 252 from Miller Electric is worth a long look.


Get the New Millermatic 141 or 211 on Sale Today

Miller’s updated Millermatic MIG welders are now on sale, and the 141 and 190 models preserve everything that made these machines bestsellers for online welding stores and favorites in welding shops. They’re ideal for hobby welders and professional fabricators, auto repair shops, or farmers.

Combine Offers for the Best Deals on a Millermatic and Multimatic

If you need to pick up a new MIG welder this summer, the deals at Baker’s Gas and Welding for a Millermatic are among the best around, and they come with additional rebates and, in some cases, contact tips. The MIG welders with the most

What Is the Best Welder for Welding Projects?

As you plan the welding projects you want to knock out in the coming year, it’s a good idea to pause and consider what kind of welder will best meet your needs. 

Flux-Cored or Solid Wire MIG Welding: Determining the Best Fit for Your Application

Today’s guest post is by Ben Romenesko of Miller Electric. I hear it often from the people purchasing their first MIG welder: “Do I really need to run gas with that?” The answer to that question really boils down to the application that the welder

Get Started with MIG Welding This Spring

With all of the MIG welders on sale at Baker’s Gas and Welding this Spring, now is the perfect time to learn about MIG welding machines, how to set up your MIG welder in the garage, and strike an arc.

MIG Welding Wire Feed Troubleshooting

Today’s guest post is by Ben Romenesko of Miller Electric. Do wire feed troubles with your MIG welder ever leave you frustrated? Burn back, wire slipping, birdsnests… These are just a couple common problems customers call us about. The wire feed system is vital to...

MIG Welder for Sale with Welding Tips

When you’re shopping for a new MIG welder on sale, you’ll have to look through a wide variety of settings, options, and add-ons that you may or may not need depending on the size of your shop or the nature of your welding projects.