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Combine Offers for the Best Deals on a Millermatic and Multimatic

Combine Offers for the Best Deals on a Millermatic and Multimatic

If you need to pick up a new MIG welder this summer, the deals at Baker’s Gas and Welding for a Millermatic are among the best around, and they come with additional rebates and, in some cases, contact tips. The MIG welders with the most features and power for home and hobby welders are included in the rebate promotion: the Millermatic 211 and 212.

The Multimatic 200, offering MIG, TIG, and stick welding, is also included in the promotion that gives free contact tips along with the rebate mentioned above. If you pick up a Millermatic 140, 180, or 211, you’ll also get the free contact tips promotion. All promotions end June 30th, 2014. Here’s a quick overview of these Miller welders on sale:

Deals on the Millermatic 140

You won’t find an easier way to get started with MIG welding than the Millermatic 140 with its Auto-Set feature. Auto-Set allows you to set the wire diameter and metal thickness before you start welding. Once you get to work, Auto-Set will help you weld with the best settings for speed and amperage. It’s also optimized with the best safety features, keeping the machine “cold” when not in use and preventing thermal overloads.

You’ll be able to weld 24 gauge – 3/16 in. mild steel for a variety of fabrication and repair projects. The 140 is ideal for welders who want to work on smaller projects that only require 115 V of power. If you need a bit more of a punch with your welder, check out the Millermatic 180.

Deals on the Millermatic 180

The Millermatic 180 offers all of the same safety and ease of use features that you’ll find in the Millermatic 140, such as the auto-set parameters, the cold start safety setting, and the thermal overload protector. The Millermatic 180 allows welders to work on thicker metal, welding 24 gauge – 5/16 in. mild steel.

The Millermatic 180 welds at 230 V, requiring a higher voltage plug and enabling welders to work with thicker metal than the Millermatic 140. You can also attach larger spools of wire to match these thicker welding projects.

Learn more about the Millermatic 180 here.

Millermatic 211

If you need to switch between low and high power welding settings but you want all of the safe and convenient features of the Millermatic 140 and 180, then check out the Millermatic 211. The 211 is ideal for both hobby and professional welders who need a highly versatile machine that can switch between 110V and 220V throughout their work day.

As you switch between different wire thicknesses, you can swap out your spools easily as you change projects. Whereas other Multimatic models limit your ability to use flux core wires for certain applications, the 211 provides more versatility, as you can swap out solid wires with shielding gases for flux core wires that can run without a shielding gas.

Miller Multimatic 200

The Miller Multimatic 200 may shock you when you see how much it can do, but perhaps the biggest surprise of all may happen when you try to pick it up. Weighing in at 29 pounds—about the weight of a small toddler—the Multimatic 200 is a truly portable welder that can be taken to any job site or welding location.

The Multimatic 200 can run at either 120 or 230 V, offering versatility for welding both thick and thin metals. You can use the same auto-set features for a variety of materials and applications, making it easier to start welding right away.

The Multimatic offers the opportunity to truly be a jack of all welding trades without giving up on the performance of your welder. It offers extremely clean welding with minimal spatter thanks to its stable arc and positive arc starts. Whether you’re working on a car repair or an art welding project that calls for a special attention to detail.

Learn more about the Miller Multimatic 200 here.

Get the Best Deals on Miller MIG Welders and Multimatics

June is Miller Month at Baker’s Gas and Welding, so don’t miss out on the Rebate deals and free contact tips that you can pick up with your purchase of a high quality Miller MIG welder or multi-process welder. Baker’s already offers steep discounts and free shipping on many Miller products, so these promotions just sweeten already great deals.

Check out Baker’s Miller promotions today.

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