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Cut with Confidence.. Save With Confidence

There is no more reliable way to cut metal than with a plasma cutter. They cut with a narrow kerf and leave clean edges on your metal, reliably cutting through just about anything you throw at them. However, the biggest knock against plasma cutters from.

Miller Electric Announces Plasma Cutter Upgrades

Miller Electric recently announced some big changes to its Spectrum plasma cutter line that will be good news to every welder. The updates include more automation capabilities, offer easier operation, increase operator comfort, improve cutting speeds and provide longer consumables life. Plasma cutters are ideal

Plasma Cutting Tips from Scott at Lincoln Electric

 Plasma cutting delivers a high velocity jet of ionized gas which pierces metal by conducting electricity from the torch to the work piece. Click here to learn more.

Lincoln Electric Product Selection Expanded

  Lincoln Electric is a very popular company in the welding industry. They supply the equipment and consumables needed for welders around the world to do their jobs.