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Miller Electric Announces Plasma Cutter Upgrades

Miller Electric recently announced some big changes to its Spectrum plasma cutter line that will be good news to every welder. The updates include more automation capabilities, offer easier operation, increase operator comfort, improve cutting speeds and provide longer consumables life.

Plasma cutters are ideal for any welding shop where you’re regularly cutting metal or for a project where you need clean, straight cuts. Plasma cutters make a cleaner, narrower cut and minimize dross. Best of all, you won’t need to have tanks of highly flammable gas for a torch cutting kit, making plasma cutters safe for a work shop where multiple employees could be working on projects simultaneously or for a garage that is attached to a house. Speaking of safer welding with a plasma cutter, here’s what the new features for the Spectrum series include:

Quick-connect Ground Cable

More flexibility means a ground cable that’s easier to position. It includes a new heavy-duty clamp that’s smaller and easier to handle. A good, reliable clamp can be hard to find, so upgrading a clamp on your plasma cutter will be both safer and more effective for cutting work.

Availability: Spectrum® 375 X-TREME™, Spectrum® 625 X-TREME™

Ultra-Quick Connect™ Torch Cable

Allows portability and easy interchangeability of hand-held or machine torches, allowing manual or automated cutting. If you’re switching from one torch to another throughout the day, this upgrade will improve your time on task and make your plasma cutter safer.

Availability: Spectrum 625 X-TREME, Spectrum® 875, Spectrum® 875 Auto-Line™

Long- or Short-Bodied Machine-Torch Availability

Machines may be ordered with either long-body or short-body machine torches to fit any application. If you need greater versatility for your welding and cutting projects, Miller now has the torch options for you.

Availability: Spectrum 625 X-TREME, Spectrum 875, Spectrum 875 Auto-Line

Automated Cutting Options

Newly available upgrade kits and factory-ready units for automated cutting. CNC integration kits for remote trigger, ok-to-move signal and voltage sensing. Machines can also be used with hand torches.

Availability: Upgrade kits: Spectrum 625 X-TREME

Factory automation ready: Spectrum 625 X-TREME, Spectrum 875, Spectrum 875 Auto-Line

XT60 Hand Torch

This new torch from Miller cuts up to 30 percent faster and includes new design features for greater control and reduced operator fatigue: a highly flexible cable, an ergonomic 80° handle, a no-slip grip and a safety trigger guard. Consumables are interchangeable with the XT60M machine torches and last up to twice as long as those used with previous torch models.

If you plan on regularly using your plasma cutter, this is a great addition to save your arms and wrist from operator fatigue while also improving your production significantly.

Availability: Spectrum 875 (25-foot cable), Spectrum 875 Auto-Line (25- or 50-foot cable.

Ed Cyzewski


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